Raphael Schlembach

“Real Democracy”: an interview with Michael Hardt

Published online, October 2011.

On October 15th, hundreds of squares were occupied worldwide by activists united by the slogan ‘real democracy now’. Here, Shift Magazine editor Raphael Schlembach interviews Michael Hardt, author (with Toni Negri) of Empire, Multitude, and Commonwealth.

Insurrection and a conservative revolution: some thoughts on the recent riots - Raphael Schlembach

Raph Schlembach looks at the London riots and the absence of any Left presence. Originally published in September 2011.

Fairy dust for all! - Raphael Schlembach

‘Moments of Excess: Movements, Protest and Everyday Life’, The Free Association, PM Press, 2011, reviewed by Raphael Schlembach. Originally published in September 2011.

Nick Griffin on Question Time - Raphael Schlembach

Shift Editor Raphael Schlembach looks at the politics of Nick Griffin and some of the misconceptions around contemporary fascism. Originally published in January 2010.

Politics or Pathology? Review of the Baader-Meinhof Complex - Raphael Schlembach

The recent film "The Baader-Meinhoff Komplex" is an attempt at rewriting Germany's painful history argues Raphael Schlembach. Originally published in May 2009.