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Nepal: victory turns sour

As a strike wave sweeps the country, the Maoist leadership agrees to banning strikes.

Bangladesh; in the militarized factory - visions of the devouring demons of capital

RMG women protest

Notes from the recent wave of struggles in the Bangladesh garment industry - there are ghosts in the machine...

Bangladesh: carrot and stick - security forces fire on garment workers as government recalls unions

RMG workers riot

Garment workers continue their agitations... and the uncertain role of unions.

Bangladesh; garment workers attack factories as thousands wildcat and riot

The ongoing unrest in the garment factories continues...

Nepal; a nice little earner for the Maoist ruling class - in Lenin's footsteps

"First time as tragedy, second time as farce" - Lenin & Prachanda

Nepal's Maoist Party has won around 220 seats in the recent Constituent Assembly (CA) election, about one-third of the total. Though the largest party, they don't have an overall majority; they have stated their wish to lead a coalition government.

Maoists win the election in Nepal

Nepali Maoist flags

The Maoist party - former guerrillas CPN(M) - have won a clear majority in last week's elections. But what changes will this mean for Nepal's workers and peasants?

Nepal; Terai ethnic strike ends with concessions

Tharu women of the Terai

The general strike called by Madhesi ethnic groups of the southern Terai plains region has ended with most of their demands granted.

Ethnic-political tensions fracturing the Nepalese nation-state

In the Terai region of Nepal, on the southern plains, an indefinite general strike has been ongoing for over two weeks; curfews are in force.

Bangladeshi garment workers keep up the pressure - more clashes

Bangladeshi workers continue the protests and strikes that have been escalating in recent weeks.

Bangladeshi garment workers out again and escalating

There have been more clashes in the Mirpur industrial area of Dhaka (see previous report); on Saturday 12th thousands of garment workers again demonstrated for improvements in conditions.