Reel News

Our present is your future

Fantastic series of short documentaries from Reel News about the crisis in Greece and the working class response. Featuring interviews with participants it paints a picture of the whole movement of community assemblies, workplace occupations, self-organisation and solidarity going on in Greece.

Rebellion in Tottenham, 2011

Video of raw footage and interviews with Tottenham locals about the reality of the community before, during and after the riots of 2011.

November 9th 2011: Sparks national day of action

In the continued battle over a 35% pay cut and the tearing up of the national agreement, rank and file sparks battle through police lines to hold pickets at 5 building sites, visit the occupation at St. Pauls, occupy Cannon St. station themselves and almost join the student demo before being stopped by huge numbers of police...or were they?? Email jointsitescommittee [AT] to keep up with the most important industrial dispute for years.