2005-06 The rebellion of young proletarians in France - interview

Assembly of an anti-CPE occupation

Three years on, Greek communist group Blaumachen interviews Jeanneneton, a participant in the movement against the labour liberalisation law CPE. Posted online on November 9th 2009, taken from Blaumachen's website.

Two weeks spent in Rennes

Anti-CPE protesters in Rennes.

A first-hand and in-depth account of events in Rennes - one of the most militant towns - by a participant in the anti-CPE movement.

University strikes wind down

12 universities remain disturbed this afternoon (Friday), of which one is blocked (Toulouse II) and one is closed by the university on grounds of safety (Rennes II).

12 April: Unis split over strikes as CPE replacement passes through lower house

A quick round-up of news from Wednesday 12 April, including toll-free trains, sorting office blockade and the future of the university occupations.

France: 'La Lutte' continues?

Demonstrations are planned for tomorrow as many universities maintain the pressure on the government, with some hoping for the extension of the struggle.

Interview with an eyewitness from Rennes interviews 'vanou' a student from Rennes who has been photographing the protests against the CPE up close, including from her apartment balcony.

Rennes postal workers take short strike action in solidarity with blockades

Postal workers take short wildcat strike action in support of sorting office-occupying anti-CPE demonstrators.

6 April: Villepin makes major speech amidst mass transport blockades

A round-up of news from the anti-CPE struggle in France, including Villepin's speech and responses, and the transport blockades across the country.

4 April: CPE protest live updates

Hour-by-hour coverage of the day of strikes, demonstrations and further blockades and occupations across France against the new employment law.

Five days in Rennes

A report from one of our Paris correspondents, who spent the past five days in Rennes and took part in some of the anti-CPE protests there.