Legitimised torture

The Human Rights Watch World Report 2006 has found the UK and US to have perpetrated several major violations of international human rights law.

India: 1,057 workers arrested for picketing

A total of 1,057 members, including 399 women, of All India Kisan Sabha and All India Agriculture Workers Association were arrested on Saturday for picketing.

Guantanamo actors detained at airport

Actors who played Guantanamo Bay detainees in the movie 'Road to Guantanamo' have been detained under the terrorism act upon returning to the UK from the Berlin film Festival.

Tehran: 200 workers released

200 imprisoned union bus workers released; all were denied the right to return to their jobs. Hundreds more are still in prison.

Chinese riot over detention of activist

Angry villagers in China's Shandong province have rioted in support of a blind activist who has been under house arrest for campaigning against forced sterilisations and abortions.

Bolivia - struggles continue under socialist Morales

Despite the election of Evo Morales from the Movement for Socialism as President of Bolivia, several strikes are in process and the persecution of the landless movement MST continues under the new regime.

Tehran bus workers under attack - update

Hundreds of striking bus workers of the state-owned Vahed bus company are still in detention in Tehran today following the vicious attack by thousands of members of the security forces on their strike on Saturday 28th January.

Tehran - mass arrests of striking bus drivers

Iranian bus drivers in Tehran are on strike again, in the face of mass arrests and repression, including the families of the four main union leaders.

Government bans Indian Toyota strike

Bangalore: The State Government has prohibited the workers' strike at Bidadi plant of carmaker Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Ltd. and has referred all issues such as the sacking of three union activists by the management, this subsequent strike by the employees and the lockout to additional labour court for adjudication.

India: Manipur state shut down by general strike

Routine life came to a standstill in Manipur following a 16-hour "lightning general strike" called by three students' organisations.