Iranian bus drivers arrested after no fares action

Fourteen leaders of Tehran’s transport workers’ union were arrested last month after staging a no-ticket action (when bus drivers refused to collect fares) against Sherkate Vahed, a state owned bus company, to demand higher wages.

Haiti's deadly class divide

Driving into Cite Soley on January 8th, the day Haitians were supposed to go to the polls in a presidential election, there is no mistaking the fact that we are entering an occupied zone.

Armed police raid Zimbabwe trade union offices

On Wednesday 11th January 2006 armed police raided the offices of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) seizing documents as the government steps up a crackdown against civic society.

The Russian Revolution and the Communist Party - Alex Berkman

Central Committee of the Bolshevik party

Alexander Berkman analyses the role of the Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution, written June 1921 in Moscow.

1988: Massacre in Halabja - ICG

Still on strike! Recollections of a Bisbee deportee - Fred Watson

Bisbee deportation

An account by a striking miner and Wobbly (Industrial Workers of the World member) who was deported with 1,185 other strikers to New Mexico by armed vigilantes hired by copper bosses to defeat the strike.

Lenin's Terror within the Bolshevik Party - Maximov

Lenin and Trotsky at Red Square Moscow 20.05.1920

Anarchist Gregori Maximov's analysis of Lenin's repression of opposition factions within the Bolshevik Party during 1920-1921.

NYC transport workers fighting cuts fined

A judge has imposed a $1m (£570,000) per day fine on New York's main transport union for a strike that has brought city transport to a standstill.

Belarus - clampdown continues

Belarus anarchists report on the new powers being demanded by the increasing repressive President Lukashenko.

1950: The Times on London Mayday