NYC transit union fined and leader jailed

The New York trade union whose workers brought the city's public transport system to a halt last December has been fined $2.5m by the State Supreme Court for the illegal strike.

Tehran bus workers leader released

Mansoor Hayat Gheibi, one of the leaders of the Tehran Bus Workers Union was released yesterday following a hunger strike that started last week.

Bolivian military take control of airports to break strike

Bolivian military and police forces have taken control of four main airports, aiming to break an airline workers' strike in major cities.

Anti-CPE Movement: Nanterre university, Paris, 20th March 2006

Pepper spray attack by police on students and staff occupying Nanterre university on 20th March 2006. Photos from Paris Indymedia.

Butchers of Nepal

International organisations have condemned the murders of union and pro-democracy activists in Nepal on the orders of members of the ruling junta.

South Korea: Hundreds of rail workers arrested

231 railway workers were arrested and 2,244 workers were suspended during the third day of a mass strike in South Korea.

Legitimised torture

The Human Rights Watch World Report 2006 has found the UK and US to have perpetrated several major violations of international human rights law.

India: 1,057 workers arrested for picketing

A total of 1,057 members, including 399 women, of All India Kisan Sabha and All India Agriculture Workers Association were arrested on Saturday for picketing.

Guantanamo actors detained at airport

Actors who played Guantanamo Bay detainees in the movie 'Road to Guantanamo' have been detained under the terrorism act upon returning to the UK from the Berlin film Festival.

Tehran: 200 workers released

200 imprisoned union bus workers released; all were denied the right to return to their jobs. Hundreds more are still in prison.