Double struggle in Brazil

Blog about the demonstrations and riots which have swept Brazil in the wake of an increase in the price of public transport.

We are winning - Anarsist Faaliyet

An inspiring account by Turkish anarchists of the streetfighting and sense of solidarity and comradeship around Taksim square. The English isn't great but it is well worth a read.

Sleepless in Istanbul III

More brief notes, quotes and interviews from inside the current uprising in Turkey from Istanbul.

Riots sweep across Brazil in response to police violence

A short overview of the wave of rioting which has swept Brazil in the wake of violent police repression of routine protests over the increased costs of public transport.

Sleepless in Istanbul II

Bricks used for barricades in and around Taksim

More brief notes, quotes and interviews from inside the current uprising in Turkey from Istanbul.

Our commons - Who, why? - A statement from the movement in Turkey

Protesters cross the Bosphorus on mass

A statement produced by participants in the current street protests, strikes, and social struggle in Turkey.

Whiskers of discontent - Turkish stray dogs in the recent uprising

A stray dog in Turkey wears a sign of protest

Just a few of the photos flying around of the streets dogs in Turkey and their recent reaction to events there.

Impressions from Ankara: the Turkish protest movement

A first person account, some background, and some analysis of the ongoing protests in Turkey.

On the Fires in the Stockholm Peripheries

The last week, Stockholm suburbs have been ablaze with fires. Cars have been torched in suburbs around the city and when the fire-fighters and police arrive they have been met by youths throwing stones. Why this? Why now? How come in Sweden?

Sweden: Open letter to a nation on fire

As Stockholm continues to be rocked by nights of riots triggered by police killing of a 68 year old man in the neglected Stockholm suburb of Husby, members of the Swedish community group Pantrarna (Gothenburg) writes to their sister organization Megafonen in Stockholm about their shared experiences of responsible, radical community organizing.