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A text written some days after the conflict between the rioters and the stalinists on 20 October (the second day of a 48 hour general strike) in front of the greek parliament .

“The way things are today, only when people are frightened will they take to the streets; and they will come out abruptly, all at once… Then, the KKE 1 will be enlisted to stop them.” This impressively precise prediction was made by an old Trotskyist in a chat over a coffee in 2007.

  • 1. Κομμουνιστικό Κόμμα Ελλάδας, the Communist Party of Greece.

Greece: Molotov Attack on Police

Thessaloniki, Greece 17-11-11 During protests commemorating the 1973 fall of the military Junta, riots broke out near the Polytechnic University in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Fighting lasted for hours with police using excessive tear gas to clear the area and going into the University, an event which hasn’t occurred for 38 years, given its asylum status.

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Intakes: Communities, commodities and class in the August 2011 riots

An article from Aufheben's Intakes series providing detailed analysis of the August 2011 UK riots.

The following article was written in the immediate wake of the August ‘riots’ of 2011 in Britain and is an attempt to provide an empirical base to an analysis of the unrest. Commentators across the political spectrum have spewed out speculative explanations for the disturbances.

Rebellion in Tottenham, 2011

Video of raw footage and interviews with Tottenham locals about the reality of the community before, during and after the riots of 2011.

London burns - causes and consequences of the riots - an anarchist perspective

An analysis of the August riots by the Workers' Solidarity Movement, an Irish anarchist organisation.

The police killing of Mark Duggan resulted in four nights of rioting across England. The immediate trigger was the killing itself, and the disrespect shown by the police to Mark’s family and friends. But the riots rapidly broadened to expressions of a more general anger and alienation; an anger that was all too often unfocused and striking out at the nearest target of opportunity.

Video of Poll Tax riots, 1990

Footage of the 1990 Poll Tax Riots as well as interviews with participants.

Video from the Battle of Cable Street, 1936

Video footage of the Battle of Cable Street, when Sir Oswald Mosely's fascists tried to march through east London, and were stopped when hundreds of thousands of anti-fascists turned out in opposition.

Occupy Rome 15 October 2011

A summary of yesterday’s events would be useless, as I’m pretty sure by now you’ve all read the big headlines about riots and clashes with the police at the “Occupy Rome” demonstration. If you haven’t, a good starting point is this video (in Italian). For some info in English, check Al Jazeera’s reports. (Neither reports are completely unbiased, don’t ask too much…).

Just like on December 14 2010, the protests got “violent”. The huge issue on which the Italian movements seem to be particularly stuck on, especially since the G8 in Genoa, is the eternal debate “Violence vs Non-violence”. I’m not going to go deep into this here cos it’s not the right place.

The era of riots (update)

This is an introduction and update to the text "The transitional phase of crisis: The era of riots" by Greek communist group Blaumachen.


(September 2011)

Running riot: Britain's urban violence

I read this article recently in "Socialism or your money back" which is a collection of historical articles from the 'Socialist Standard', the party paper of the SPGB. I was struck by the similarities to today's riots and but for a couple of alterations to the names could have been written this week.

Hope you find it as interesting as I did.

Running riot: Britain’s urban violence