DSG aims to publish posts and propaganda from various sources as provocation and stimulation. The following text was produced by Paul O’Hagan, a journalist living in East London. He is writing under a pseudonym.

Riot in Victorian prison in response to decline in prisoners' living conditions

Rioters on the roof of Fulham Prison

Fulham Prison, near Sale in south-eastern Victoria, was locked down for 3 days following a riot on January 18, in which about 30 prisoners refused to return to their cells, and began destroying $50,000 worth of property and setting bins on fire.

The Young Lords and early Chicago Puerto Rican gangs

An interview with Chicago Puerto Rican historian Mervin Mendez conducted by Erika Rodriguez for the Chicago Gang History Project. In it Mendez explains the context for the development of Puerto Rican gangs in Chicago.

Detest and survive: Self-deregulation and asset reallocation in the UK, August 2011

German libertarian communists Wildcat on the rioting which swept the UK in August 2011.

The London Riots 1641-42

The mob attend the execution of the Earl of Stafford.

Ian Brooke writes that London’s riots were nothing new: a popular uprising was a key part of the early stages of the English revolution

Anti-austerity demonstrations spread across Romania

Romanians have said, 'enough is enough', and have taken to the streets in cities across the country, demanding an end to austerity measures. The police have attempted to 'calm' hostile crowds, by firing tear gas canisters at them. Numerous injuries and arrests followed.

The 1981 riots in South London

Transpontine investigates some previously confidential Government papers, released to the National Archives at the end of December 2011, which provide some insights into the riots that swept across England in July 1981. Included in the papers is some information on events in South London, which combined with contemporary press reports gives an idea of what happened in the area at that time.

Short hot summer 1981

A series of articles by History is Made at Night on the 1981 July uprisings/ riots, which occurred in Brixton, Southall, Toxteth, Moss Side, Wood Green, London, Leicester and Bradford.

1831 and all that…

A look at the the 1831 Queens Square riots, Bristol that challenges some common misconceptions. Originally published in Mute Magazine by the Bristol Radical History Group.

A short review of Chinese community and workplace struggles in 2011

Wukan residents protest against land grabs

This is my first post, hopefully the first of many. I will be blogging a lot about China and Hong Kong, so this should give an idea of what's to come. I just want to do a short review of what has been happening in China in 2011 from labour and community resistance point of view. Obviously, the story of what happened in the village of Wukan is the stand out story of the year but it's not the only thing to happen.