Gridlock 1: Voices From the M27 Corridor

The following piece is a brief exploration of strategies of control and resistance around motorways. It will avoid the issues of pollution and environmental destruction usually associated with the roads battle and look at no less real struggles with more fundamental implications for the direction of class conflict.

Tension in the Cabanyal, a district of Valencia, Spain

We present this account of the conflict in the district of the Cabanyal (Valencia, Spain). It is written by residents involved in the struggle against the construction of a big avenue which would cut the district in half.

Capital moves: transport and logistics

An analysis of the global transport and distribution industry, particularly with respect to the advent of "just-in-time" delivery and the implications for the working class.

Sacked traffic wardens continue protest in Belfast


Protests continued today for former Belfast traffic wardens after 26 were sacked in April for taking part in unofficial strike action.

The Ecological Challenge: Three Revolutions are Necessary

With a planetary ecological crisis on hand, it can no longer be denied that socialism will be incompatible with mass production and mass consumption. Indeed, even without returning to Malthusian catastrophe theories, we are forced to admit that the planet’s resources are not inexhaustible. These resources could provide for humanity’s needs, but only if they are used in a reasonable and rational way, i.e., in a manner directly opposed to capitalist logic, which in itself is a source of imbalance.

Department for Transport workers to strike

The Public and Commercial Services Union today announced a one day strike on 29 February involving over 8,500 members working for the Department for Transport (DfT) and five of its agencies.

Italy: truck drivers strike over conditions

An estimated 90% of Italian truckers have taken to the streets in protest at rising fuel prices and deregulation of the market.

Parking attendants wildcat in Manchester

A parking attendant

A wildcat strike by parking attendants in Manchester over a sub-inflation pay offer has cost the employer thousands of pounds in unissued fines.

Deputies examine CPE replacement text as smaller demos continue

Students outside the offices of Bleu Isère radio station

The deputies have this evening started to examine the private bill which replaces the CPE tonight.

7 April: Demonstrators injured in Paris as blockades continue

France protests news roundup from 7 April, including a car ploughing into demonstrators, office occupations and blockades.