Anatomy of an industrial struggle: Chrysler factory at Tonsley Park in Adelaide 1976-1978

A worker at the Tonsley Park Chrysler plant

An account of two years of struggle at an Australian Chrysler plant by one of the workers, including a detailed look at the role of the union.

Direct action against unpaid wages on a demolition site

Demolition worker Anthony's account of labouring in the New England winter, and taking direct action when his wages were not paid.

Employee thieving at a discount chain store

Kmart worker Karl recounts his employment in the late 70s and early 80s, with his and his co-workers' unofficial way of supplementing their wages.

Employee sabotage in a copy shop

Alan, a shop clerk's account of unofficial wage enhancement in a Minneapolis photocopy outfit.

Resisting work in harvest time

Tad, a combine driver, recounts sabotaging machines in order to get a break from work on Texas farms.

A bike messengers minor rebellion

Kenny, a bicycle courier, recalls taking direct action to get management to abandon a new work practice.

Account of a well-prepared wildcat strike

Nick, an assembly line worker, recounts sabotage and a walkout at his factory when the workers' contract expired.

Shirking 9 to 5: diary of a reluctant temp

An agency worker recalls several years' temping in London, trying to help his co-workers and do as little work as possible.

Factory workers trash plant over closure

Continental workers burn their produce

Workers at a Continental tyre factory in France destroyed two buildings after learning that legal attempts to block the closure of their plant failed.

Mozambique: wildcats and sabotage on the sugar cane plantations

600 seasonal workers at the Xinavane sugar plantation in Maputo province of Mozambique have been on wildcat strike since last Friday (15th February).