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Work experience, student organising, and the nature of schooling

At the same time that the public outcry—and, indeed, what might legitimately be called a movement—over workfare developed, students at my school were on a two-week unpaid work experience program. The blog entry will examine not only the nature of such placements, but explore the organising opportunities they present. Also, a big thanks to Croydonian Anarchist for giving me the kick up the arse to actually write this.

Work experience

photograph by Rob Pinney

In light of the recent controversey about the Work Experience schemes that McDonalds has taken part in and workfare in general, I thought I would share the most interesting experience of the two Work Experience schemes I have been subjected to.

The business of schooling

While “business partnerships” have a long history in state schools, the increasing marketisation of comprehensive education has seen such arrangements propagate across the sector. This blog details my experience, as an education worker, of the creeping business ethos of an inter-city secondary school.

It's not all fun and games

Blog entry about capitalist business simulations including football team managing and sharedealing at the Croydonian anarchist's school and sixth form.

What happened in Brighton? - N24 student walkout

A breakaway group on Black Lion street, having escaped the Town Hall kettle

The following aims to provide some basic materials for people who were involved or interested in the events of N24 (during the student movement in Britain winter 2010-11), to think about what happened there and what it means for them – and for next time. It’s based on numerous personal accounts, collated into a punch-by-punch narrative.

Statistics statistics statistics

As the title suggests, the role of statistics in school policy towards teachers and students is becoming ever more prominent. Of course schools have long since entered the realm of competition but recent events have reminded me of this.

Education and the nature of success

The first full blog post from Croydonian anarchist, describing (and critiquing) a talk recently put on by his school about being "successful".

Class size matters... but money is tight.

The resistance to smaller class sizes in state schools boils down to one thing - economics.

Italy: Occupy Everywhere, Occupy Everything! November 17

…And here we go again! Italy’s streets were put under occupation once again today, as part of the “International Student’s Day”, originally created to commemorate the students deported by the Nazi regime after a protest in Prague.

Opposing academies and "free" schools - Education Workers Network

The text of a brief introductory leaflet on Academies and Free Schools by the Education Workers Network distributed at the 2011 London Anarchist Bookfair.