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Schoolkids walkout and march in Ithaca NY

LACS walkout

Students from the Lehman Alternative Community School walked out in solidarity with Wisconsin and democracy.

Greece: declaration from the student assemblies and occupied universities

Declaration of the national coordination meeting of the student assemblies and occupied universities - 03/12/2010

Roaming Marches Disrupt Oxford - Personal Account

Marches of hundreds (mainly school students) disrupted Oxford City Centre, briefly occupying County Hall, Barclays, Lloyds, and Castle Mound (see the photo), disrupting traffic, and roaming through the streets and shopping centres of Oxford.

France - How many bridges have we got to cross before we get to beat the boss?

How many bridges have we got to cross before we get to beat the boss?

Today is the 5th 24-hour not-so General Strike in France since September 7th. The refineries have returned to work, often under the pressure of "Work or prison", a wonderful choice resignedly accepted by the unions and by the workers resigned to the union form. Likewise the oil depot bockades have been dismantled with the help of the forces of disorder.

1969: Revolution as personal and as theatre

Written in March 2001, this is essentially autobiographical, but gives a good flavour of the epoch (free concerts, street/political theatre, the beginning of squatting and the London Street Commune, skinheads v. long hairs, Schools Action Union, The Festival of Light, strikes, etc). It also contains some reflections on other aspects of theatre (e.g. Brecht).
The photo here is of 144 Picadilly, squatted in 1969 and talked about in this article.

Zengakuren: Japan's revolutionary students


This is an excellent historical introduction to the period of Japanese student radicalism that began after the war in the wake of the increasingly ineffective strategies of the Japanese Communist Party and which culminated in massive social unrest and change around the Japanese school system and society in general.

Gothenburg school pupils strike against job cuts

400 pupils at Sjumilaskolan in Gothenburg suburb Biskopsgården have been on a week long strike since angry parents got the message that half the staff was to be sacked due to the economic crisis and estimates of falling pupil numbers.

March 2003: Schoolkids against the Iraqi War

The actions of schoolkids in March 2003 throughout the world were perhaps the most interesting aspect of the opposition to the Iraqi war.

A heavy burden on young shoulders - TPTG

TPTG analyse the developments in Greek movements against education reforms.

Italian students: We will not pay for their crisis

Italian policemen in riot gears stand guard near students gathering outside Rome's Auditorium Friday, Oct. 24, 2008.

Italian students keep on demonstrating against the recent reforms supported by the Ministry of Education.