school students

Germany: high school students strike

High School students struck and marched across Germany yesterday in protest against classroom overcrowding, lack of teachers, and the pressure of examinations.

Warm autumn? Heat rises in Italian education

Demonstration in Milan.

In response to new educational reforms from the Berlusconi government, staff and students at Italy's schools and universities have risen in revolt. What follows is an overview of what's been going on.

France: university strikes and occupations against the LRU continue

Students across France have been voting on the next step in the ongoing struggle against the so-called reforms of the LRU law.

Netherlands: Thousands walk out against school hours

Pupils demonstrate in Stadhuisplein

Thousands of Dutch school pupils walked out of lessons on Friday in wildcat protests organised online against lesson times.

France: Student strikes and blockades to continue

1000 school students march in solidarity demo in Perpignan

Today will be an important day for the student movement with Police and university authorities ending most occupations before the weekend.

Reflections on the black consciousness movement and the South African revolution - Selby Semela, Sam Thompson and Norman Abraham

The Soweto riots, 1976

A situationist-influenced text decribing how a protest by Soweto school students in 1976 spread and became a country-wide revolt - involving mass workers' strikes and violent confrontations that shook the foundations of white South Africa. Written as a collaboration between an American and two South Africans, the text also deals with the rise and fall of the Black Consciousness Movement.

CPE: Youths give lesson in solidarity

News and videos of transport blockades mostly by high school pupils and young people.

Anti-CPE Movement: Bastille, 31st March 2006 (c. 16h)

Photos of the blocking of the Bastille around 4pm by high-school pupils. Photos from:

New Zealand: demonstration against youth pay rates

Student Revolt: From Paris to Auckland defend workers rights!

Images from the walkout of 1,000 school students in Auckland over youth pay rates. For more information see the libcom news article on the events.

Anti-CPE Movement: Paris school occupations and street protests, 16th March 2006

Photos of the school occupations and street protest in Paris on March 16th. Most photos in these galleries have been collated from and