school students

CPE: Youths give lesson in solidarity

News and videos of transport blockades mostly by high school pupils and young people.

Anti-CPE Movement: Bastille, 31st March 2006 (c. 16h)

Photos of the blocking of the Bastille around 4pm by high-school pupils. Photos from:

New Zealand: demonstration against youth pay rates

Student Revolt: From Paris to Auckland defend workers rights!

Images from the walkout of 1,000 school students in Auckland over youth pay rates. For more information see the libcom news article on the events.

Anti-CPE Movement: Paris school occupations and street protests, 16th March 2006

Photos of the school occupations and street protest in Paris on March 16th. Most photos in these galleries have been collated from and

Anti-CPE Movement: Caen demonstration and blockade, 14th March 2006

Photos of the March 14th 2006 demonstration and road blockade by school students against the CPE in Caen. Photos from

Anti-CPE Movement: Marseille school students demonstration, 8th March 2006

Several thousand school students demonstrate against the CPE in Marseille, March 8th.