Nearly 1 in 4 high schools now disturbed by CPE protests

Around 1,000 high schools are now affected by anti-CPE protests, according to the high school students body FIDL.

In tiny Hennebont, 300 high school students block bridge

Breton regional paper Ouest France is reporting the blocking of a bridge in the Morbihan departement by protesting high school students in Brittany.

Cars torched in Saint-Denis this morning

Amidst an anti-CPE gathering of several hundred pupils in front of the Paul-Eluard high school in Saint Denis, around a hundred pupils have damaged several cars and torched two.

Villepin-unions meeting achieves little

Domenique de Villepin met representatives of the five major trade-union confederations today at his official residence, the Matignon.

Occupations of high schools in the Pas de Calais region

Reports from the burgeoning lycee (high school) occupations movement against the CPE in and around Lille.

French schools, further unrest

Brief reports on one school occupied against the CPE and another on strike against cuts.

Tuesday March 21st: summary of day's events

A detailed summary of today's events, include a Cyril Ferez update including demonstration counts, rail blockades and school strikes.

Riot in banlieue as school students protest against CPE

Hundreds of youths clashed with riot police on Monday afternoon in the Parisian banlieue (suburb) of Drancy.

After France, 1,000 students walk out in Auckland NZ

In Auckland, New Zealand today, over 1,000 high school students walked out of class to protest against youth pay rates, whilst linking their protest to the events in France.

Leading high school parents body condemns CPE

The leading French parents association FCPE have spoken out against the CPE contract and called for parents to attend the demonstrations against it in order to guarentee the future security of their children.