Scores of high schools and 70% of universities now blocked

More universities occupied as schools begin to be shut down against the CPE.

Youths riot in Paris as school students come out in force

Reports from across the country of yesterday's students' day of action against the CPE.

Portugal: Pupils and workers oppose school closure

Students, teachers and school employees have been protesting against the closure of D. João de Castro Secondary School in Lisbon.

Dinner ladies may strike

A group of dinner ladies based in Hackney who claim they are being underpaid are threatening strike action.

Glasgow: Mums occupy Carnwardic school against closure

Determined mothers are undertaking a series of overnight occupations of their working class neighbourhood school in a bid to save it from closure.

Glasgow mums' school sit-in

In Glasgow on Friday, a sit-in protest was organised by mums at Carnwadric Primary school to protest against its closure.

£5bn city academies among worst schools

Half of the government's city academy schools are among the "worst performing schools" in Britain.

Yorkshire teachers on strike over new roles

Teachers at a school in West Yorkshire are on strike today in a dispute about new staffing structures.