social movements

A Short History of Shacks & Shack Dweller's Struggles in Durban

A short overview of the history of shacks and shack dwellers struggles in Durban with a focus on enclosure, insurgent commoning, and the politics of space.

Dada - a short history

A short account of the Dada movement that developed during the First World War in radical revulsion to the society that had let it come about.

The Schlurfs - youth against Nazism

A short account of the Schlurfs, working class Austrian youth who rejected the values of Nazism

Living Learning

Abalahli baseMjondolo logo

An introduction to the new pamphlet by Abahlali baseMjondolo launched in Pinetown (near Durban) at an event attended by hundreds of people, two days before the ANC militia attacked Kennedy Road.

The slow burning fuse: the lost history of the British anarchists - John Quail

Partial text of John Quail's excellent history of the anarchist movement in the UK from its origins until the 20th century.

Surrealism in the Arab World

Artilce printed in the journal Arsenal: Surrealist Subversion no.3, 1976. Includes The Manifesto of the Arab Surrealist Movement, 1975.

Where there's smoke... anarchism after the RNC

A critical review of anarchist organization in relation to the 2008 US Republican National Convention.

Zengakuren: Japan's revolutionary students


This is an excellent historical introduction to the period of Japanese student radicalism that began after the war in the wake of the increasingly ineffective strategies of the Japanese Communist Party and which culminated in massive social unrest and change around the Japanese school system and society in general.

Resisting degradations and divisions: an interview with S'bu Zikode

S’bu Zikode is the elected president of Abahlali baseMjondolo, a radical and radically democratic shackdwellers’ movement in South Africa that has committed itself to waging its struggles independently from party-political and NGO control.[1] This is an excerpt from a longer interview.

Anarchist groups in Poland - Lódź 1905 - 1939

membership “Internacjonał” (“The Internationalist”)

Social and political situation in Lodz at the beginning of XX century:
At the beginning of XX century Lodz was a dynamically developing centre of the cotton and woollen industry. The favourable location of the city and its developing industrial infrastructure caused a rapid migration of the workers in search of the employment in its factories. At the same time, very low salaries and the lack of social security institutions caused the numerous unrests, until the year of 1906 and the general strike with so called “Lodz’s lockout” that follow.