social movements

Brazilian Anarchist Chronology 1823-1937

Timeline of anarchist history in Brazil.

The Russian constructivists and anarchism

Malevich's Black Square

A short account of the Russian constructivists and their close relations with anarchism

Anarchism: A History of Libertarian Ideas and Movements - George Woodcock

Book Cover

An important study of the historical international anarchist movement and an essential introduction to the classical anarchist thinkers.

The Russian anarchists - Paul Avrich

Book Cover

Paul Avrich's classic, and impeccably researched, study of the history of anarchism in Russia.

Tea parties and the white working class

A document forming the beginning of a discussion about the nature of the US "Tea Party" movement and its makeup.

Anarchism in England one hundred years ago - Max Nettlau

A short but important article by the celebrated anarchist historian (and historian of anarchism) Max Nettlau about the earliest origins of the anarchist movement in Britain.

Book review: Hatta Shuzo and Pure Anarchism in Interwar Japan

A review of Hatta Shuzo and Pure Anarchism in Interwar Japan by John Crump.

The influence of Italian immigration on the Argentine anarchist movement - Osvaldo Bayer

Osvaldo Bayer's essay examining Italian influence on the Argentine anarchist movement, specifically emphasizing the roles of Malatesta and Gori

The unemployed workers’ movement - Frances Fox Piven and Richard Cloward

Unemployed Workers in the Great Depression

Frances Fox Piven and Richard Cloward give a detailed account and analysis of the militant movement of unemployed American workers during the Great Depression, how it developed and how it was recuperated by the government through its own leaders.