social movements

1880-1945: Yiddish-speaking libertarians in France

Montmartre in 1907

Short article tracing the development of the Jewish Yiddish language anarchist and syndicalists in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in France.

Anarchist communism in Britain, 1870-1991

2006: The French movement against the CPE’s brief summary of the mass movement which swept France in early 2006 against the further casualisation of labour which forced the government into a humiliating defeat.

1940-1945: The Zazous

An account of the French anti-Nazi cultural youth movement who opposed the Vichy regime in occupied France. Influenced by jazz and swing they met in basement clubs and scuffled with fascists on the streets.

Anarchism in Argentina, 1897-1950

A short article with some information about anarchism in Argentina at its height in the early 20th century.

1993-1996: The Dublin fight against water charges

A short history of the successful direct action campaign of non-payment which prevented the imposition of charges for water in Dublin, Ireland.

1986-1996: Anarchism in Turkey

A brief history of the still-young anarchist movement in Turkey.

The US prisoners' movement, 1970-1978 - Howard Zinn


Howard Zinn's history of the movement of US prisoners and supporters on the outside against poor conditions and ill-treatment.

1916-1932: The fight for freedom of speech on Glasgow Green

Anarchist Guy Aldred (sixth from right) at a Spanish Civil War rally on Glasgow Green, late 1930s.

The history of the successful struggle to restore freedom of speech and assembly in one of Britain's oldest parks after it was banned in 1922.