social movements

The New Movement - Henri Simon

Influential in its day and expressing the optimism of its times, this text describes the characteristics of the New Movement of class struggle of the 1960s and 70s and its relationship to the Old Movement...

1900-1990: The co-operative movement in Quebec - Larry Gambone

Cuba: The anarchists and liberty - Frank Fernandez

Student demonstration against Machado, 1933

A pamphlet written in 1987 by Frank Fernandez, with introduction by Sam Dolgoff, about the Cuban anarchist and workers' movements from the mid 1800s up until the mid 1970s.

The anarchist movement in Japan, 1906-1996 - John Crump

Japanese anarchists

John Crump's history of anarchism and the anarchist movement in Japan from the beginning of the 20th Century up until the pamphlet was written in the 1990s.

France: CPE employment law scrapped after mass protests

Following weeks of mass protest which have swept the country Jacques Chirac has announced the replacement of the CPE with a device in favour of getting disadvantaged young people into work.

A look at the growing revolt against the CPE

A quick overview of the struggle so far over the new French labour law liberalisation package the CPE over the past few weeks.

France: Hundreds of thousands fight attacks on young workers

France has been hit with a wave of strikes, protests, marches and university occupations in recent days as workers, students and young people fight a new legal state assault on employment rights, reports Jef Costello for news.

Beyond the New Left Part 2 - Muto Ichiyo and Inoue Reiko

The Revolutionary Movement in Germany, 1917-1923

A commune in Chiapas? Mexico and the Zapatista rebellion, 1994-2000

Zapatista women

Since the occupation of January 1994, many have projected their hopes onto this 'exotic' struggle against 'neo-liberalism'. We examine the nature of the Zapatista uprising by moving beyond the bluster of the EZLN communiqués, on which so many base their analysis.