Solidarity Federation

Foundation trusts: a guide for NHS workers

An examination of NHS reforms, what they mean and how health workers can resist them.

NHS Notional Health Service - The great health and social care swindle

An in-depth look at NHS, the state it is in and what we can do about it.

Derailed: how the trains are in deep crisis

This article examines the current state of the railways, rail workers resistance and how we got there.

Learning to live, teaching to fail

This article first appeared in Direct Action No12, Autumn, 1999, the quarterly magazine of the Solidarity Federation analysing the formation of the modern school and arguing for a libertarian alternative.

Anarcho-syndicalism in Puerto Real: From shipyard resistance to community control

Striking shipyard workers fight with police, Puerto Real, 1987.

An account of resistance to shipyard closures in Puerto Real, Spain, that lead to community wide involvement, with the anarcho-syndicalist union CNT playing both a prominent and decisive role.

A short history of British anarcho-syndicalism

Crowds during Red Clydeside, a high point for syndicalism in Britain.

Short pamphlet by the Solidarity Federation on the history of anarcho-syndicalism in the UK.

Education Worker 2008 issue 2

Education Worker is the free bulletin of the Education Workers Network, part of the Solidarity Federation.

Catalyst #17

Solidarity Federation freesheet, produced June 08

Direct action gets the goods again, this time in London

The Tom Ilic restuarant in Battersea is highly poncy and highly rated

An underpaying, exploitative restuarant boss in London was forced to pay a foreign kitchen porter his owed wages and also holiday pay when a picket arrived outside his restaurant, backed up by threats of legal action.

Brighton Solidarity issue 1

Issue 1 of Brighton Solidarity Federation Newsletter Brighton Solidarity