Busmen, what next? - Solidarity

Solidarity pamphlet 16, published 21 January, 1964 and written mostly by London bus workers. It looks at the life of the workers, past struggles, the present situation and makes suggestions on how to organise for the future.

Solidarity motor bulletin #02: UAW scab union

Issue of Solidarity's car industry bulletin from March 22, 1974, looking at the behaviour of the US auto workers' industrial union the UAW and how it was sabotaging and scabbing on struggles of its members at the time.

Solidarity for workers' full control #03

Issue of Solidarity from 28 May 1969 with articles about Borough market, Mayday, struggles at Dungeness, Kellogg's, Kingsnorth, the LSE and more.

Solidarity for workers' full control #08

Issue of Solidarity from 19 December 1969 with articles about struggles at Kingsnorth and CAV Lucas, Social Security and more.

Urban devastation: the planning of incarceration - George Williamson

Urban Devastation front cover

A pamphlet penned by George Williamson under a pseudonym, analysing urban development in the background of capitalist society and class struggle. Published by Solidarity (Oxford) c1976, much of it is still relevant.

Solidarity (North West) #1.01

The first issue of the journal of the north-west group of Solidarity, with articles about women, building workers' struggle, asbestos, the mail order business and more.

Solidarity (North West) journal

Partial archive of the journal of the North West group of UK libertarian socialist group, Solidarity, from the 1960s and 70s.

Solidarity Scotland #2.05

Issue of Solidarity Scotland from July 1967, published by the Aberdeen Solidarity group, with articles about class and ideology, the peace movement, shipbuilding, violence in American culture and more.

Solidarity for workers' power - Solidarity (Scotland)

Partial online archive of the libertarian socialist journal, Solidarity Scotland, published in the 1960s.

Solidarity for workers' power #10

Issue of South London Solidarity from early 1970 with articles about struggles in construction, the CEU executive and more.