Sorbonne anarchist leaflet, 1968

The occupied Sorbonne, May 1968

Leaflet produced by anarchists at the Sorbonne University during the May 68 events.

Sorbonne re-occupied on first day back

On Monday, students re-entered the Sorbonne for the first day since it was occupied in March against the now-repealed employment law the CPE.

An update by the Sorbonne Occupation Committee in exile

This communique arrived in our e-mail account today in English. We don't have confirmation that this comes from the actual occupiers of the Sorbonne at this time.

Decisions taken in university general assemblies

A report of the assembly of the Sorbonne and Université René Descartes, posted to by 'Reglisse', one of the students who occupied the Sorbonne last weekend.

Fascists approach the Sorbonne

Fascists are outside the Sorbonne University and a call has been put out for support to oppose them.

Police fortify positions around the Sorbonne

We understand that police have chosen to defend their positions around the Sorbonne University on the left bank of Paris.

Sorbonne latest: riot

Fighting breaks out as fascists and riot police attack anti-CPE youths.

Sorbonne occupier speaks to the Unrest in France blog

Here we are pleased to publish a first hand account of one of the first wave of students who occupied Sorbonne University.

Photos from the Sorbonne and College de France

New photos of events in Paris this week. Photos are being added every few hours so please check for the latest additions.

Video footage of the weekend's Sorbonne occupation

A selection of video clips posted to Indymedia Germany.