South Korea

Korean workers riot in Vietnam, 1967 - Shelby L. Stanton

Beleaguered: US forces in Vietnam

The riot by Korean workers at Vinnell Corporation, Cam Ranh Bay during the Vietnam War.

Police seek arrest of Korean union leader

South Korean police said Monday they plan to seek a warrant to arrest the head of the union of Hyundai Motor Co., the country's No. 1 carmaker, for an alleged assault at a company event.

Repression of Korean civil servants continues

Police raid a KGEU office

The repression of the Korean Government Employees Union (KGEU) continues, with 125 out of the union's 251 local offices now shut down, often welded shut with iron bars and plates.

Korean hotel workers illegally outsourced

Workers on picket line outside the Renaissance Hotel in Seoul

Workers at the Renaissance Hotel in Seoul wage an important struggle against outsourcing.

Korean riot police raid union building

Riot police sweep into the KGEU Gangwon Chuncheon Chapter office

This morning, riot police broke through barricades that had been raised by union members and raided the offices of a South Korean trade union.

The Gwangju uprising, 1980

The history of the week-long uprising of the South Korean town of Kwangju against the regime of the West-backed dictator General Chun Doo-Hwan. Though it was bloodily suppressed it helped ignite a chain of similar rebellions across Asia, winning people many democratic rights.

1894-1931: Anarchism in Korea

Tram in Pyongyang, Korea under the Japanese rule, 1930s

A short history of anarchism and the anarchist movement in North and South Korea.

South Korea: Hundreds of rail workers arrested

231 railway workers were arrested and 2,244 workers were suspended during the third day of a mass strike in South Korea.

South Korea: General strike

Unions in South Korea launched a general strike today after the passage of a temporary workers bill by the National Assembly.