Piñol, Juan Brell, 1908-1976+

Anarchist militia, 1936

Biographical information about Spanish anarchist woodworker and Civil War and Resistance fighter and later pensioners' advocate Juan Brell Piñol.

Tomás, Joaquin Pallarès, 1923-1943


Short biographical information about the leader of one of the first anti-Franco guerrilla groups, Joaquin Pallarès Tomás.

The tragedy of Spain - Rudolf Rocker

German anarcho-syndicalist Rudolf Rocker's history of the Spanish Civil War and Revolution.

Class war in Barcelona - Jean Barrot, 1973

The following text is the translation of a pamphlet of the group Mouvement Communiste, written in 1973 by Jean Barrot (aka Gilles Dauve), as a means of solidarity for some Spanish revolutionaries arrested in Spain facing harsh penalties.

Durruti is Dead, Yet Living - Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman in Spain, 1936.

Chat about olive harvest strike in Spain, 2005

Capdevila, Ramon Vila, 1918-1963

Mugshot of Ramon Vila Capdevila.

A short biography of anarchist Ramon Vila Capdevila, ‘Caraquemada’, one of the last of the anti-Franco guerrillas to fall.

Carpena, Pepita, 1919-2005

Pepita Carpena

A biography of veteran Spanish anarchist and women's liberationist Pepita Carpena.

Casas, Juan Gomez, 1921-2001

Juan Gomez Casas.

A short biography of Juan Gomez Casas, underground militant, then first post-Franco Secretary General of the CNT and prolific writer and historian.

On Francisco Ferrer

An article containing useful information about Spanish anarchist and libertarian educationalist Francisco Ferrer.