Balius Mir, Jaime, 1904-1980

Jaime Balius Mir.

A short biography of Spanish anarchist, civil war fighter and editor of the Friends of Durruti paper, Jaime Balius.

Mombiola, Maria, 1914-2000

Maria Mombiola

A short biography of Spanish anarchist Maria Mombiola, who fought in and assisted the Resistance to Franco.

Limia, José Ledo, 1900-1974

José Ledo Limia

A short biography of little-known Spanish anarchist militant José Ledo Limia.

Cordoba, Antonio Zapata, 1908-2000

Antonio Zapata Cordoba

A short biography of construction worker, anarchist and Spanish Civil War fighter Antonio Zapata Cordoba.

Diez, Francisco Denis 'Catala', 1898-1949

Francisco Denis Diez 'Catala'

Brief biographical information about Spanish anarchist and anti-Franco guerrilla movement fighter Francisco Denis Diez, or 'Catala'.

Facerias, Jose Lluis, 'Face', 1920-1957

Jose Lluis Facerias aka 'Face'.

A short biography of Jose Lluis Facerias, 'Face', Spanish anarchist who fought in the Civil War and guerrilla resistance to Franco.

Garcia, Benigno Andrade, 1908-1952

Benigno Andrade Garcia

A short biography of Spanish anarchist locksmith and guerrilla resistance fighter Benigno Andrade Garcia.

Guillen, Manuel Lozano, 1904-1945

Manuel Lozano Guillen

A short biography of Spanish anarcho-syndicalist militant Manuel Lozano Guillen, who was executed by General Franco's government in 1945.

Jiménez, José Ruiz, 1906-2002


Biographical information about Spanish anarcho-syndicalist José Ruiz Jiménez.