Spanish civil war

The anarchists in government in Spain: Open letter to comrade Federica Montseny - Camillo Berneri

Camillo Berneri

Letter from Italian anarchist Camillo Berneri to anarchists in the Spanish Government during the revolution.

On militarisation of the militias

Interview with Italian anarchist militant, Camillo Berneri, in Spain on the situation of the revolution and war.

The long shelf life of democratic and Stalinist mythology

Robert Capa - Death of a loyalist soldier

Review; The Real Band of Brothers - first-hand accounts from the last British survivors of the Spanish Civil War; Max Arthur - Collins, UK, 2009.

Libertarian communism - Isaac Puente

Classic pamphlet on libertarian communism by Spanish anarcho-syndicalist Isaac Puente.

Spain 1936, the end of anarchist syndicalism? - Subversion

Criticism of anarcho-syndicalism during the Spanish Civil War. From Subversion #18 (1996).

Spontaneity in the Spanish Revolution - Enric Mompó

Article looking at the role played by 'spontaneity' in the workers' rebellions of the Spanish Civil War.

Medicine and the Spanish Civil War

A historical survey of medicine in Spain during the Spanish Civil War

Emergence of Modern Genetics in Spain and the Effects of the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939) on Its Development

An assessment of the effects of the Spanish Civil War on the development of genetics in Spain.

Staradolz, Alexander, ?-1936

A short account of Alexander Staradolz who fought with Makhno and Durruti.

Minnig, Albert, 1911-1968

A short biography of Albert Minnig, Swiss anarchist volunteer in Spain