Spanish civil war

Individual, class and nation in Spain, 1936-1939 - Juan McIver

Federico Garciá Lorca

Juan McIver looks at the Spanish Civil War and the work of poet and playwright Federico García Lorca

1936-1939: the Spanish Civil War by Augustin Souchy

The Spanish Civil War.

Chapter 11 from Augustin Souchy's autobiography, Beware! Anarchist: A Life for Freedom.

After the Revolution: Economic Reconstruction in Spain - Diego Abad de Santillán

A practical proposal for implementing anarchosyndicalism in Spain in 1936.

Serrano Valero, Basiliso, 1908-1955


A short biography of Spanish anarcho-syndicalist and anti-fascist guerilla fighter Basiliso Serrano Valero, a.k.a El Manco de La Pesquera.

A biographical sketch of Josep Rebull, 1906/1999 - Agustín Guillamón

Agustín Guillamón's short biography of Josep Rebull, POUM militant and opponent of that party's collaboration with the Catalan government during the Spanish Revolution. Originally an introductory part of "La izquierda del POUM en Mayo de 1937: Militancia y pensamiento político de Josep Rebull"

In Barcelona. Meeting with Durruti and the taking of Sietamo – Pierre van Paassen


Dutch-Canadian journalist Pierre van Paassen recounts his visit of liberated Barcelona, his meeting with libertarian fighter Buenaventura Durruti, and the taking of the town of Sietamo by anarchist forces. This is an extract from van Paassen’s book Days of our Years, which documents his experiences in Europe, Africa and the Middle East before the outbreak of World War II.

Between the war and the Revolution - Camillo Berneri

Camillo Berneri

Italian anarchist volunteer Camillo Berneri, speculates on the possibility of intervention in the Spanish Civil War.

The anarchists in government in Spain: Open letter to comrade Federica Montseny - Camillo Berneri

Camillo Berneri

Letter from Italian anarchist Camillo Berneri to anarchists in the Spanish Government during the revolution.

On militarisation of the militias

Interview with Italian anarchist militant, Camillo Berneri, in Spain on the situation of the revolution and war.

The long shelf life of democratic and Stalinist mythology

Robert Capa - Death of a loyalist soldier

Review; The Real Band of Brothers - first-hand accounts from the last British survivors of the Spanish Civil War; Max Arthur - Collins, UK, 2009.