Communism has not yet begun - Claude Bitot

Karl Marx

First published in 1995 in France: Section One, “The Historical Balance Sheet” includes chapters on: communist movements throughout history; Marx and Engels and communism; “Real” vs. “Formal” domination of capital and the importance of this distinction for understanding the failure of the old workers movements (capitalism was not “obsolete” prior to 1945). Section Two, “Perspectives”, contains an extensive discussion of: the economic roots of capitalism’s current crisis (the “final stage of its cycle”); the communist revolution; and socialism.

O biurokracji sowieckiej - Andrzej Stawar


Analiza biurokracji sowieckiej autorstwa Andrzeja Stawara. Przewaga biurokracji w Związku Radzieckim nie była czymś przypadkowym: określiły ją niemożność bezpośredniego podniesienia zadań politycznych i gospodarczych przez klasę robotniczą, postawionych przez zwycięski przewrót w październiku 1917 r. Rozproszenie gospodarcze, olbrzymia przewaga ludności chłopskiej, skutki zarówno niszczące, jak i „konstruktywne” (rozbudowa aparatu państwowego), wojny domowej – te momenty w znacznej mierze określiły późniejszy rozwój.

In Defense of Anarchism, In Defense of Anti-Autoritarianism by Ron Tabor, July 28, 1996

A wide-ranging debate within the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation was sparked by Ron Tabor's July 1996 response to another member Chris Day's polemic "The Historical Failure of Anarchism" ( Tabor, who had been a leader in the Revolutionary Socialist League, also wrote a critique of Lenin and the Bolsheviks "A Look at Leninism". Love and Rage did not survive the fissure and Day's faction soon left the anarchist movement.

"As barricadas devem ser removidas": fascismo stalinista na espanha (1937) - Paul Mattick

Descrição dos acontecimentos de maio de 1937 na Catalunha: a contrarrevolução stalinista e o papel que os anarquistas da CNT-FAI, que participava no governo, teve no massacre.

Stalinismo e trotskismo (1947) - Paul Mattick

"Toda a argumentação de Trotsky se apóia sobre a identificação entre capitalismo de estado e socialismo."

Marxism-Leninism: vehicle of capitalism

An article on Marxist-Leninism, written by J. Grancharoff, and published in Red and Black: An Anarchist Journal, No. 9 Spring 1979.

Essai sur "l'herméneutique" stalinienne - Slavoj Zizek

Zizek's contribution (pp. 86-144) in Armando Verdiglione 1978, Actes du Colloque de Milan, 1977: Généalogie de la politique (Colletivo semiotica e psicanalisi) La Violence, Volume 2 (pp. 375), Paris: Union Générale d'Editions 10/18 (Christian Bourgois).

Militancy: highest stage of alienation - Organisation des Jeunes Travailleurs Révolutionnaires

A critique of the role of the political militant, its misery and arrogance; written by Dominique Blanc and published by the OJTR in France, 1972.

Correspondence between Bordiga and Trotsky

Letters between Bordiga and Trotsky, written during the VIth Plenum of the CI’s Executive. Bordiga asks Trotsky for some clarifications of his views on the German question.


Bolshevik (journal). Political-economic biweekly of the central committee of the Russian communist party. (Reproduced for reference only)