Stan Weir

Reviews: “Singlejack Solidarity” teaches valuable lessons for the working class

Patrick McGuire's review of Stan Weir's book, Singlejack Solidarity.

Weir, Stan. Singlejack Solidarity. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2004. Paperback, 400 pages, $19.95.

A Leninist vanguard party dying in a foreign land: 1956: the fading revolution

Part of an apparently unfinished work on the "vanguard party" experience, Stan Weir writes about a weekend with Max Shachtman, as the Hungarian Revolution was happening.

Originally appeared in Against the Current (September/October 1992)
Also appears in 'Singlejack Solidarity'
Scanned by Juan Conatz
Provided by Workers Solidarity Alliance archives in New York

Radical America #08.04: Alternative education project, July-Aug. 1974

Constituent articles:

- Woman's place is at the typewriter the feminization of the clerical work force (Davis, Marjery)
- The united front in America a note (Lynd, Staughton)
- Black workers, white workers (Ignatin, Noel)
- The politics of population birth control and the eugenics movement (Gordon, Linda)
- Work in America encounters on the job (Weir, Stan)

Radical America #06.03: Alternative education project, May-June 1972

Constituent articles:

- Introduction
- Theses on mass worker and social capital (Baldi, Guido)
- The struggle against labor (Tronti, Mario)
- Fables for Mr. Lear (Rikki)
- Class forces in the 1970's (Weir, Stan)
- Primary work groups (Guttman, M.)
- Poems (Torgott, Steve)

Stan Weir's oral history of the 1946 Oakland general strike

Stan Weir in 1990 at time of Oral History Project at CSU Long Beach

This is the transcription of a 1990 interview with Stan Weir for the Virtual Aural/Oral History Archive at California State University Long Beach (the audio is available here interview #3, section "3 of 9 items" ). In this segment Stan talks about his involvement in the 1946 Oakland General Strike.

Pat McAuley: What I meant to ask was: a lot of these short, wildcat-type strikes, like the sit-down strike that you led, did these contribute to the General Strike that occurred in 1946 or 1947 in Oakland?

Effects of automation in the lives of longshoremen

Break-bulk longshoring on San Francisco waterfront

This chapter in Stan Weir's Singlejack Solidarity tells the history of how, from the victory in the 1934 General Strike through the first Mechanization & Modernization (M&M) Agreement in 1961, longshore workers in San Francisco had 27 years of near-total control of the labor process on the waterfront in the "largest, longest, and most successful formal experiment in workers' control ever conducted in the United States."

With the M&M the ILWU negotiated those gains away, exchanging huge individual pay-outs for containerization and a 90% reduction of the workforce. The 134-day longshore strike in 1971 was the last attempt to reverse this.


For a new workerism: Glaberman, Weir and Lynd

Alex Erikson reviews “Punching Out” by Marty Glaberman, “Singlejack Solidarity” by Stan Weir, and “Wobblies and Zapatistas” by Staughton Lynd and Andrej Grubacic.

“Politics is millions.” So says Comrade Lenin. And for once, I agree with Lenin. Politics begins not with hundreds, not with thousands of people but with millions.

I Am Lonely - Stan Weir

Stan Weir, 1985

Written around 1981, Stan Weir on feeling isolated.

I am lonely.

I have a wife and family, relationships with them that would hit median on most scales.

I have a number of friends, yet, I am enshrouded by a sense of isolation.

I do not dwell on it, but it overtakes me daily.

American labor on the defensive: A 1940’s odyssey - Stan Weir

An article by Stan Weir surveying the effects World War II and the post-war years had on CIO unions and the American working class.

American Labor on the Defensive: A 1940’s Odyssey 3 Stem Weir

It is impossible to discuss the condition of American labor in the 40's without brief mention of international working-class developments during the quarter century prior to the World War II decade and without some examination of the formative period of the CIO in the 30's.

Work in America: encounters on the job - Stan Weir

Some work stories from Stan Weir, a socialist who worked a variety of manual labor jobs during the 1950s-1970s.

Original version included 'Just A Matter of Gloves'.