House of Commons cleaners to strike again

Cleaners at the House of Commons plan to strike for a second time in a bitter dispute over low pay and poor working conditions

Gate Gourmet dispute continues

Although it's dropped out of the headlines, the Gate Gourmet dispute is still very much going on.

Russian Labour and Bolshevik Power after October - William Rosenberg

Putilov workers

William G. Rosenberg analyses the relationship between the working class and the Bolsheviks between 1917 and 1918, emphasising the role of strikes, protests and demonstrations during the period before and after October.

Staffs teachers strike over pay

Teachers at three Stoke-on-Trent schools are on strike for a second time in a week in a dispute over pay.

1million walk out against French labour reform

Over one million French workers struck and demonstrated yesterday, October 4th against planned labour reforms by the Jacques Chirac’s government.

BA acts against three workers for Gate Gourmet solidarity

British Airways has started disciplinary proceedings against three shop stewards following August's unofficial strike at Heathrow Airport.

The Homestead strike, 1892

National Guard patrol the main street

An account of a militant strike of steel workers of the Carnegie company in the US defending their organisation and conditions against the bosses, the police and hired armed mercenaries.

Notes on another defeat for workers in the US: The Los Angeles supermarket strike of 2003-2004

Demonstration outside Castra Safeway, San Francisco.

The story of a defeated supermarket strike in LA, 2003-4.

Marx and Makhno Meet McDonald's

An account of the French "Solidarity Collective" group. Casualised workers in Paris win several strikes, honorably lose another with combined union and extra-union, legal and illegal tactics.

Solidarity with the Gate Gourmet workers

Sacked workers and their supporters picket Gate Gourment, August 2005, Heathrow, London

Resources and links with information on background and how you can support the 620 sacked Gate Gourmet workers.