Stuart Christie

Anarchist Black Dragon: Volume 1, Issue 9, Summer 1981

Issue 9 of Anarchist Black Dragon, with news on legal victories for Carl Harp and the Pontiac 16, repression against Native American militants, updates on women prisoners, a review of Towards A Citizen's Militia, the Kamalla and Arthur Miller custody case, conditions for Black prisoners at Walla Walla, the RAF hunger strike in Germany, the death of Bobby Sands, letters from Black liberation prisoners Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin and Mark Cook criticising the "Dungeons & Dragons" article from issue 8, and more.

Barricade Bulletin 10 - October 2020

Issue 10 of Barricade Bulletin, with articles on strikes and redundancies in response to the pandemic, Derry IWW's plans for an autonomous social centre, the Anarchist Black Cross, anarchist prisoners in Belarus, Azerbaijan and Spain, international solidarity with Bangladeshi garment workers, community resistance against gold mining in Ireland, anarchism, work, a review of the Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin, and obituaries for Stuart Christie and David Graeber.

North American Anarchist Vol. 1, No. 9, March/April 1981

Issue #9 of the North American Anarchist, with articles on El Salvador and the FMLN, a militant gay demonstration in Toronto, self-reduction of prices in response to inflation, repression in post-Franco Spain, a critique of "cultish" tendencies in the anarchist movement, evolution and sociobiology, militarism and the arms race, reviews of the film 9 to 5, and books by Stuart Christie and Clifford Harper and about Johann Most, class and culture, the myths around Swedish social democracy, the British Columbia Telephone social strike, crisis at Chrysler, struggles in Poland and more.

North American Anarchist Vol. 1, No. 7, October/November 1980

Issue 7 of the North American Anarchist, with articles on the revolt in Poland and the role of the Catholic Church, an interview with Stuart Christie, the "Towards a Citizen's Militia" controversy, a critique of Bookchin's views on ecology, anarchist feminist notes, anarchism and organisation, childbirth, television, prison news, New Brunswick and the influence of the Irving corporation, workers' control, Abbie Hoffman, a coup in Turkey, workplace occupations in Southern Ontario, voting and more.

Stuart Christie interviewed for Black Flag in 2010

Interview: Ade Dimmick talks to the famed author, agitator – and Black Flag founding member – Stuart Christie for the magazine’s 40th anniversary on anarchism and us.

Four decades on from its first issue, Black Flag is one of the few remaining publications from that time. So it is a great pleasure to be able to interview its founding editor, or at least the surviving half of that editorship, Albert Meltzer having died in 1996, as we enter the next ten years of struggle.

Anarchy #36 1983

Issue 36 of Anarchy magazine (second series) from the 1980s.

Scan by Sparrows Nest Archive Nottingham.

Lucio Urtubia Jiménez, a legendary life

The life of Lucio Urtubia Jiménez (1931-2020), an anarchist from Navarre in northern Spain, is the stuff of legend.

Cienfuegos Press anarchist review #1

First issue of Cienfuegos Press Review, published 1976.

The Art Of Anarchy - Flavio Constantini


Book of artwork by Italian artist Flavio Constantini (1926-2013).

Originally published 1 May 1975 by Cienfuegos Press, republished 1 May 1986 by Black Flag.

Libcom also hosts a gallery of Flavio Constantini's work (much of it in colour)

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Review: Soldiers of the night: the story of the French resistance by David Schoenbrun

Simone Seguin, French resistance fighter, Paris

Stuart Christie's review of David Schoenbrun's book on the French resistance during World War II.