Subversion #22

Issue 22 of libertarian communist journal Subversion, from 1997.

What we stand for - Subversion

Manchester libertarian communist journal Subversion briefly explain what they are about.

Subversion #18

Issue 18 of libertarian communist journal Subversion, from mid-1996.

Subversion #20

Issue 20 of libertarian communist journal Subversion, from 1996.

Auld Reekie anarchy

Article about the Edinburgh Unemployed Centre and its sabotage by the local Labour Party from 1995 in the libertarian communist journal, Subversion.

Workplace and community

A letter exchange between Trotwatch and Subversion in 1995 about class struggle at work and in the community and the changing nature of the working class.

Subversion #16

Issue 16 of libertarian communist journal, Subversion, from 1995.

Subversion #11

Issue of Subversion from 1992 with articles about the government attacks on the working class in the wake of Britain's withdrawal from the exchange-rate mechanism, war in Yugoslavian, anarchism and the left and the Greens.

Burnsall strike: with friends like these, who needs racists?

Subversion criticise the Burnsall strike support group for making the dispute into a racial issue as opposed to a class issue. The article is an example of 'anti-racism' and 'anti-nationalism' turning into a refusal to discuss racial divisions within the working class at all, which we strongly disagree with but reproduce for reference. See our archive on the Burnsall strike.

What's wrong with anti-racism?

Subversion critique bourgeois anti-racism. We don't agree with how all of this article is written, but reproduce it for reference.