Strike and protests against Macron's employment law

The Witch bloc headed the demonstration

Four unions called a general strike for today against French President Macron’s new employment law, this is often referred to as Macron 2 or Macron XXL, because he was behind the last revision referred to as the ‘Loi El-Khomri’ and this new law is even worse.

2004/5: Strikes at Ceritex call centres in France

A brief chronology of a large strike at call centre service company Ceritex B2S in France for a pay increase.

France: Postal workers to strike against job cuts

Workers in Paris' 8th district are planning strike action after management announced the loss of 111 jobs.

France: strike action continues at the Paris Opera

Workers at the Paris Opera have been striking since October 18th in defence of their pension regimes.

France: Strike over at Gare d'Austerlitz

Gare d'Austerlitz

Night-train cleaners at the Gare d'Austerlitz rail station in Paris have ended their strike after negotiations with management.

France: Post Office strikes

The flagship branch of the french post office and the only one to open 24 hours a day has been hit by strike actions.

France: Posties win big victory

La Poste

Postal workers in Paris' 17th arrondissement (district) have won a major victory against management cutbacks.

France: Airport catering workers demonstrate

LSG-Gate-Gourmet workers threatened with dismissal as the management attempt to wind the company up demonstrated on Wednesday 4 April.

France: Posties prepare for strikes

La Poste van

Workers in seven French departments have given official notice of strike action in relation to a dispute over overtime payments.

France: Postal counter staff strike in Le Havre

Counter services in Le Havre and the surrounding regions were severely affected by a one-day walkout last Tuesday by postal counter staff.