Dumartheray, Francois, 1842-1931

Friend: Peter Kropotkin

A short biography of possibly the founder of anarchist communism, Francois Dumartheray of France.

1932: The Geneva Massacre

Communist paper headline from the time

An account of the shooting of over 100 people by the Swiss army at an anti-fascist demonstration.

Thalmann, Clara, 1910-1987

Portrait of Clara Thalmann from a photo taken in 1953.

A biography of Swiss anarchist Clara Thalmann, who travelled to Spain to fight in the Durruti Column in the Civil War.

Tronchet, Lucien, 1902-1981

Lucien Tronchet

A short biography of Swiss building worker, labour organiser and anarcho-syndicalist Lucien Tronchet.

Boesiger, Andre, 1913-2005

Andre Boesiger

The biography of a veteran Swiss anarchist militant