Syria, imperialism and the left (3)

There is a third position on the Syrian events: opposition to Assad and to Western interference. This position also is unsatisfactory in its way to positive account of the revolt. Third and final part of the series.

Beating the poll tax - Anarchist Communist Federation

Beating the Poll Tax - AF pamphlet - 1990

Beating the Poll Tax was a widely distributed booklet that encouraged and analysed the rise of mass revolt against the Community Charge in 1989/90 as it was happening.

Anti-Nazi League: Don't believe the hype

A critique by Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) of the Anti-Nazi League (ANL) mk2′s analysis after the BNP victory in 1992.

SWP: The party of god - Wildcat

leaflet front page

Leaflet produced by Wildcat in 1988 concerning the First Gulf War (that is, Iran versus Iraq). It compares the position of the Socialist Workers Party in the UK with that of Hezbollah. Not unreasonable, given that the SWP supported the Iranian regime at the time!

Fascists attack paper sale in Lewisham

Whilst undertaking their usual Saturday morning paper sale in Lewisham several SWP members were viciously assaulted by a group of fascists. At least two people required hospital treatment. This is the latest in a growing list of attacks against anyone that the fascists deem to be 'left wing'.

An open letter to Socialist Worker on autonomism and the fight for change

My first encounter with anarchism?

An open letter to Socialist Worker newspaper in response to possibly the most ill informed smear of anarchism I have ever seen: "Autonomism and the fight for change" by Estelle Cooch.

TrotskiLeaks: How not to engineer a sectarian split

An email exchange between members of the SWP and others in the Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition (BSCC), where an SWP activist accidentally 'reply alls' whilst planning a sectarian split on the pretext of the outcome of an unrelated conference of the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN).

How to deal with the SWP

Some advice for libertarian activists on working in campaigns alongside the Socialist Workers Party.

Carry on recruiting! Why the Socialist Workers Party dumped the 'downturn' in a 'dash for growth'

An analysis of the Socialist Workers Party, the most significant grouping in the UK far left, examining whether it really is a revolutionary organisation, or just an opportunistic recruitment machine.

The struggle for self-management: an open letter to IS comrades

This is an open letter to members of the International Socialists (IS), later to become the Socialist Workers Party, printed in the libertarian socialist paper Solidarity in September 1968. It criticises IS for failing to recognise the relationship between how socialists organise, and the content of their politics; and for establishing an unfree internal regime.