An interview with Jack the Anarchist (Jack Grancharoff)

Jack in the 1950s

An interview between Takver and Jack Grancharoff, a Bulgarian anarchist who fled Stalinist repression and moved to Australia, talking about being an activist in Australia in the 1950s.

Wobbly driplines: strikes, stowaways & the SS Manuka

Built in 1903 and wrecked off New Zealand’s southern coast in 1929, the Manuka was a floating fragment of class society—and of class warfare. This article uses the Manuka to tell the wider story of syndicalism, transnationalism, anti-militarism, and the IWW in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Sydney's burning: an Australian political conspiracy - Ian Turner

A detailed history of the Sydney 12: members of the radical union Industrial Workers of the World, opponents of WWI, who were arrested in 1916 and charged with treason, arson, sedition and forgery. Workers launched a mass campaign in favour of their release.

Pred.txt - Michael Carlton


Pred.txt is the actual web log of Michael "Predator" Carlton - biochemist, media pirate and drain expert. It's a story of hard science, tough relationships, radical thinking and life in Sydney. It's also the diary of a young man dying of cancer. RIP Predator.

Anarcho-syndicalism in Melbourne and Sydney - Conal Thwaite

Thesis attempting to explain the origins of anarcho-syndicalism in Australia by the late 1980s.

Part 1: Sydney libertarianism - AJ Baker

Text based on a paper given to the London Anarchist Group in March 1960.

Sydney bus drivers defy union and take wildcat action

Bus drivers picket Glendenning depot.

A six-hour strike by 130 bus drivers in western Sydney on Monday morning, carried out in defiance of their union, has produced furious denunciations in the media and from an industrial court judge. The drivers walked out at the Busways Blacktown depot at 3.30 a.m. against the imposition of new timetables that would impose shorter times for routes.

1851: The Sydney sailors' riot

A history of the violent clash between Australian sailors and police after officers attempted to arrest a man dressed as a woman.