Theory of Bloom - Tiqqun

This book lays bare our social isolation and the conceptually simple, yet practically difficult, solution to it. This is a foundational text of Tiqqun's thought.

Violence, what use is it?

police partout, justice nulle part

Anselm Jappe, value form critic and biographer of Guy Debord, looks at the issue of violence in contemporary Europe.

Judicial controls on the "Tarnac Ten" lightened

Translation of article that appeared 18 December 2009 in the French press.

Statement from the "Tarnac Ten": Why we will no longer respect the judicial restraints placed upon us

Translation of statement that appeared in "Le Monde," 4 December 2009.

Supporters of "Tarnac Nine": Unauthorized visit to the SDAT

Translation of statement of the French Committee, Support for those indicted on 11 November.

The so-called evidence against the Tarnac Nine

Article from Liberation, published 25 November 2009. Translated from the French by NOT BORED!

Press conference concerning Tarnac

Press conference held 25 November 2009. Translation of news account.

New arrest in "Tarnac Nine" case

"Communique concerning this morning's arrest" from the 11 November Support Committee

Claude Guillon, Introduction to "Democratic Terrorization"

Translation of introduction by Claude Guillon to his 2009 book, "Democratic Terrorization, on antiterrorism laws in France.