Iran: Wave of strikes shakes Tehran

The Iranian government also has an internal crisis on its hands. The country's high level of poverty has triggered a series of intense social struggles.

A Visit to Bangladesh

China and Vietnam: Thousands of clothing workers strike

In Shangdong, China, more than 1,000 textile workers were on strike last week, while in Vietnam around 4,000 workers at a shoe factory struck for a wage increase.

Textile workers strike in Long Eaton

The TGWU has warned that textile workers could stage further action after they walked out of work yesterday in a strike over pay.

Preface to »From Cellatex to Moulinex»

In 1999, Lear Corporation closed its plant for seating manufacturing for Volvo PV in Bengtsfors, Dalsland. Volvo had owned the plant themselves up to 1992 when it was sold to Lear Seating.

Pesotta, Rose, 1896-1965

Rose Pesotta, 1965.

A short biography of Ukrainian-born Jewish anarchist and garment worker labour organiser Rose Pesotta.

Mowbray, Charles Wilfred, 1857-1910

David Nichol and Mowbray in court

A short biography of tailor Charles Mowbray, who was possibly the first anarchist-communist in Britain. He was active in London, Norwich and the US.

Kitz, Frank, 1849-1923

A short biography of British anarchist and dyer Frank Kitz who was active in London in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.