Reports on crisis 2: Romania - Wildcat

Wildcat asked people in several countries to write down observations about social effects of the crisis.
The following is a report from Romania, written in February 2009.

Bolton, Harriet

An obituary, by David Hemson, for trade unionist Harriet Bolton.

Three dead in garment workers' clashes - unions promised new role

Garment workers protest

The latest clashes in the highly charged arena of the Bangladeshi garment industry...

10th of Ramadan textile workers self-manage factory

When their owner fled the country ahead of a jail sentence, the employees at the Economic Company for Industrial Development, faced looming unemployment and the closure of the company's multiple textile factories. A common enough story in Egypt these days, but in this case, the workers instead embarked on a landmark labor experiment.

Various protests from Cambodia to Malaysia, and Sweden.

Here are some links to articles on various protests that have taken place recently in Cambodia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and a strike by Vietnamese workers in Sweden.

Short fuse: 50,000 workers on the streets and 50 factories burning in Bangladesh

Hamim garment factory burning - Ashulia 29 6 09

The mass unrest in the garment industry continued on Monday (29 June) for a third day...

More mayhem - cops kill again as garment workers' rioting continues in Bangladesh

Ashulia - garment workers continue to fight cops - 28 Jun 09

The unrest continues in the garment industry - another worker killed as rioting spreads across the whole garment factory area in Ashulia.

Fury; garment worker shot dead in Bangladesh as workers strike and riot

Savar 27 Jun 09 - workers fight cops

The persistent outbreaks of workers' anger continue in the Bangladeshi garment industry. A strike escalates...

Tanta Linen Company workers in Egypt begin open-ended strike

1000 Tanta Linen Co. workers are striking, led for the first time in Egypt by an official trade union, the Textile Trade Union (TTU).

500 Vietnamese textile workers wildcat for pay increase

About 500 workers at a joint-venture garment factory in Ho Chi Minh City have launched a wildcat strike.