Thames Valley Class Struggle Group

Detention without trial - Thames Valley Class Struggle Group

Leaflet distributed at an anti-apartheid demonstration, in an attempt to put across an anti-capitalist and anti-democratic position, in contrast to the liberal politics of most of the anti-apartheid movement.

Detention without trial, judicial executions, mass evictions and demolitions of homes, murder on the street. This is the daily reality for the working class of the South African townships. But the repression of our class is not dependent on Apartheid alone.

Strike! - Thames Valley Class Struggle Group

Leaflet produced for the 1989 Tillbury strike of dockers in defence of conditions codified in the Dock Labour Scheme. This struggle was ultimately defeated.

The struggle in the ports over the Dock Labour Scheme obviously raises important questions for any workers who want to fight back against the bosses. The fact that the scrapping of the DLS was announced without warning in parliament shows that this measure is an attack by the state which has been planned in advance.

No go, P&O! - Thames Valley Class Struggle Group

Leaflet produced as an intervention into the 1988-1989 strike by P&O ferry workers against attacks on their working conditions.

Seafarers fight on