Tom Brown

Into battle with the bazooka bands (Pages of Labour history)

An excellent personal account of the 1926 miners' lockout in County Durham

School for Syndicalism

An eyewitness account of the shop stewards' movement on Tyneside during the first world war.

Nationalisation and the new boss class - Tom Brown

A pamphlet by Tom Brown discussing nationalisation, its theoretical roots and whether it is a working-class gain (1958).

Trade unionism or syndicalism? – Tom Brown

A 1942 pamphlet by Tom Brown on trade unions, why they let us down, and why syndicalism is the best method for building a society of workers' control. It has been transcribed here with the typos and stylistic inconsistencies kept intact.

Lenin and workers' control - Tom Brown

A pamphlet by Tom Brown of the Syndicalist Workers' Federation (an early predecessor to today's Solidarity Federation) on Lenin and his contempt for workers' self-organisation. Published in the 1960s, it has been transcribed here with one copy's typos and stylistic inconsistencies kept intact.

Newcastle fights the fascists

Mosley with his Blackshirt supporters, 1930s

Account of the 1934 routing of fascists in Newcastle, England, by Albert Meltzer and Tom Brown.

Story of the Syndicalist Workers Federation: Born in Struggle

Tom Brown's 1968 description of the Syndicalist Workers' Federation, a UK based organization that was affiliated to the International Workers Association and was the predecessor to the Direct Action Movement and by extension, Solidarity Federation.

Principles of syndicalism - Tom Brown

IWW syndicalist Elizabeth Gurley Flynn speaks, Lawrence strike 1912

Written by the well known activist and propagandist Tom Brown, the article explains clearly the principles according to which syndicalist unions organise, and the new society they aim to create "within the shell of the old".

1926: The social general strike - why 1926 failed - Tom Brown

Tyldesley miners outside the Miners Hall during the 1926 General Strike.

Written in the early 1940s, British syndicalist Tom Brown's article The Social General Strike - Why 1926 Failed examines the failure of the 1926 General Strike. It makes suggestions for future action, and argues for worker's control.