Tom Jennings

The Street, series 3, by Jimmy McGovern, BBC 1

The final series of The Street demonstrates the possibilities and limitations of its form – both of which may now disappear from television drama

Frozen River, directed by Courtney Hunt

This heartfelt debut film about dodgy decisions prompted by force of circumstance is several cuts above standard American independent cinema fare

In the Loop, directed by Armando Iannucci

Venturing out of Westminster reveals the limits of The Thick Of It’s satire, concludes Tom Jennings

Five Minutes of Heaven, by Guy Hibbert, BBC 2

Tom Jennings is disappointed, but not surprised, at this drama reducing the legacy of the North of Ireland Troubles to personal therapeutics.

The Wire, by David Simon and Ed Burns, BBC 2

Tom Jennings endorses the accolades accorded to ground-breaking American TV drama The Wire – but with reservations.

The Class, directed by Laurent Cantet - Tom Jennings

Tom Jennings attributes this film’s success to its subversion of educational orthodoxy veiled in high-liberal and Hollywood homilies.

Creating a Movement: The Struggle for Inclusive Education in the UK, 1990–2006, by Stefan Sczcelkun

Tom Jennings appreciates this snapshot of a campaign against the segregation of disabled people.

The Dream of Fluxus, by George Macuinas

The Baltic’s recent Fluxus show can’t entirely conceal the radical ambition and potential of avant-garde art, finds Tom Jennings.

Amber Films and UK social-realist cinema

Tom Jennings questions the documentary claims of film fictions of lower-class life.

Review: Anarchy alive! Anti-authoritarian politics from practice to theory - Uri Gordon

Despite its interesting account of organisational preoccupations among global protesters, Tom Jennings doubts Anarchy Alive!’s coherence as theory.