Tony Benn

The Great Referendum Sideshow – Dominic Sandbrook

Dad's Army & co v Tony Benn

A chapter from Sandbrook’s history of the 1970s - on the 1975 UK referendum determining whether the UK should remain in the European Economic Community (EEC).

The trial of Anthony Wedgwood Benn (information required)

I am currently writing a polemical book about Tony Benn - (The Trial of Anthony Wedgwood Benn)

A sideways look: Tony Benn

A brief look at the legacy of Tony Benn.

Mr. Benn's wage slavery

2nd Viscount Stansgate

A Freedom artice dated 7th December 1974 criticising Tony Benn's support for workers' co-operatives. Taken from The State Is Your Enemy: Selections From Freedom 1965-86.