Workplace and community

A letter exchange between Trotwatch and Subversion in 1995 about class struggle at work and in the community and the changing nature of the working class.

Dear Subversion,

Carry on recruiting! Why the Socialist Workers Party dumped the 'downturn' in a 'dash for growth'

An analysis of the Socialist Workers Party, the most significant grouping in the UK far left, examining whether it really is a revolutionary organisation, or just an opportunistic recruitment machine.

Originally written in 1993, we believe its central premise to be equally valid today, especially given the current political climate in which the SWP is again calling on the TUC to demand a general strike.

Trotspotting: Everything you always wanted to know about sects (but were afraid to ask)...

A guide to the mysterious world of the British far left.

From the anti-war movement to workplace struggles, wherever you find people struggling for a better world, you'll also find Leninists hanging around looking for a chance to build their "vanguard party".

Review: Carry on Recruiting

Aufheben reviews the Trotwatch pamphlet about British far left group the Socialist Workers Party, carry on recruiting.

'The politics and practice of the SWP negate its claim to be revolutionary'. Have Trotwatch nailed the Leninists?

Why the SWP dumped the 'downturn' in a 'dash for growth'

Trotwatch. £2.95 AK Press. ISBN 1 873176 02 3.

"Many people find a critique of Bolshevism boring. Unfortunately even one's uninteresting enemies can be powerful."- Call It Sleep.