On the Line (February 1986)

The February 1986 issue of On the Line, a newsletter of Workers Solidarity Alliance in the New York/New Jersey area.

The CIO's left-led unions, edited by Steve Rosswurm

A collection edited by Steve Rosswurm of the CIO's unions's that had radical left leadership.

1970 oral history interview with Ernest DeMaio

DeMaio and supporters gather at the Chicago Federal Building in 1952 to protest

An oral history interview conducted with Ernest DeMaio, one of the founders of the United Electrical and Radio Workers Union (UE).

Oral history of Ernest DeMaio, head of the United Electrical Workers Midwest District 11

Ernest DeMaio, photo taken by Bud Shultz

Oral history of Ernest DeMaio, from his early radicalizing experience of the First Red Scare to facing repression and harassment during the Second Red Scare.

Review: Radical unionism in the mid-west, 1900-1950

A review of a book on radical union in the Midwestern U.S., mostly from the 1930s-1950s.

Workers occupy factory in Chicago

News, Twitter and on-the-ground updates from the occupation of Serious Materials in Chicago.

Factory Occupation Brings Quick Results

An account of the December 2008 occupation of Republic Windows & Doors in Chicago.

1938 Maytag strike

Account of 1938 Maytag strike in Newton, Iowa by workers affiliated with the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE). The strike involved anti-communist rhetoric from state politicians and the company, political maneuvering by the Democratic Party, and eventually, military intervention, which broke the strike.