Nikiforova, Marusya, 1885-1919

Biography of Ukrainian anarchist guerrilla who fought with the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine.


The Ukrainian anarchist Maria Nikiforova (1885–1919) has sometimes been compared to Joan of Arc. Like Joan she started from humble origins and, improbably, became a ferocious military commander who was captured and executed by her sworn enemies. And, like Joan, she was a fanatic who pursued her goals in a violent, ruthless fashion.

History of the Makhnovist movement, 1918-1921 - Peter Arshinov

Nestor Makhno, with comrades

The full text of Peter Arshinov's definitive history of the revolutionary Ukrainian guerrilla movement led by anarchist Nestor Makhno.

Translated by Lorraine and Fredy Perlman. Published by Black & Red/Solidarity, Detroit/Chicago 1974. This edition obtained from the Digital Text International website. The Nestor Makhno Archive has altered some spellings and corrected some typographical errors. Further corrections by Text from

The final purging of the Makhnovists 1937-1938

Vlas Sharovsky

A short account of the repression that fell on old members of the Makhnovist movement in 1937-38.

The years 1937-38 were a terrible period in the Soviet Union. Stalin turned on his perceived enemies within the Communist Party, murdering those organised around the Trotskyist Opposition as well as many other Old Bolsheviks like Bukharin, Kamenev and Zinoviev.

The mysterious death of Shchors

Nikolay Shchors

A short account of the life and mysterious death of Red commander Nikolay Shchors

“A Communist commander is always a most precious acquisition for our Red Army. Only he must be a real Communist, that is, a man of duty and discipline from head to foot. However, we still have amongst our officers a considerable number of commanders who demand unquestioning subordination to themselves but are completely insubordinate towards their own immediate superior.

The Petrenko incident: an opening shot in the attack by the Bolsheviks on the Revolution

A short account of the attack by the Bolsheviks on the detachment led by the revolutionary Petrenko in May 1918 at Tsaritsyn.

"It seemed to Antonov-Ovseenko [commander-in-chief of Soviet troops in 'South Russia' in 1918] that the only reliable forces available [to oppose the Austro-German invasion] were the Latvian International detachments, as well as the detachment of the anarchist Petrenko, who on March 24 at Zvenigorodka [90 miles southeast of Kiev] engaged the German forces in battle on his own." from Twelve Wars fo

Bogunsky and Lopatkin : Trotsky’s attacks on Red commanders

Bogunsky (Anton Shary)

A short account of Trotsky's involvement in the killing of Red commanders Bogunsky and Lopatkin

“[i]At the same time a purge needs to be undertaken, a purge of the commanding personnel. In the Ukrainian units there are still too many Petlyurist, guerrilla and ataman elements such as Bogunsky, Lopatkin and others. Even the best of these guerrilla commanders still do not understand what an order means and consider disobedience to an order quite a natural thing.

The Poltava uprising against the Bolsheviks, 1920

Ukraine, Nov 1919 - black border is present day Ukrainian border

A short account of the large scale uprising against the Bolsheviks throughout Poltava province in the Ukraine.

Khristovoi, Buhovetsky and the rest ....with a special mention for Sergei Kirichenko

Antoni, Voldemar Genrikhovich aka Volodya aka Zaruthustra aka Grigori Andreivich Lyapunov, 1886-1974

Voldemar Antoni as a boy

A short biography of Voldemar Antoni, mentor of revolutionary leader Nestor Makhno and one of the founders of the Gulyai-Polye anarchist movement.

"In my life I had the good fortune to fall as a teenager under the ideological influence of the anarchist and revolutionary Vladimir Antoni (known in revolutionary circles as " Zarathustra ").” Nestor Makhno in Gulyai Polye in the Russian Revolution (1929)

Trolleybus Drivers have Wildcat Strike in Kiev

This morning trolleybus drivers went on strike in Ukraine.

About 100 drivers went on strike this morning. Their union does not support the protest and considers the strike illegal. The management of the depot forced some drivers from the second and weekend shifts to come in to work, where the found they were to act as strike breakers.

Barmash, Vladimir Vladimirovich aka Gorbonos aka Valya aka Lonya, 1879-1938+

A short biography of Vladimir Barmash, prominent anarchist communist in Russia who perished in the prison camps

Vladimir Barmash was born in a village near Ivanovo-Voznesensk (now Ivanovo). This village was very small and everyone who lived there had the family name Barmash. Despite the disadvantages of coming from a peasant background, he was successful at school and afterwards went to Moscow where he completed three courses in the people’s university of Alfons Shaniavsky.