Comrade peasants! Insurgent Army of the Ukraine (Makhnovist)

A communique by the Makhnovists concerning the occupation of the Red Army and the encroaching power of the Bolsheviks in the Ukraine.

Declaration of the Revolutionary Insurgent Army of the Ukraine (Makhnovist)

A declaration by the Makhnovist army to the Peasants and Workers of the Ukraine.

Statement on the Odessa tragedy - Autonomous Workers Union

An account and analysis of the clashes in Odessa earlier this week between rival groups of Ukrainian and pro-Russian nationalists in which more than 40 people were killed, by the Kiev group of Ukrainian anarchist organisation Autonomous Workers Union.

No-one wants to die

After Odessa, “remaining human” as a political programme.

Ukraine: only action of the proletariat can stop nationalist war

Analysis of the situation in Ukraine as the conflict between pro-Russian and Ukrainian nationalists deepens by Trídní Válka. The English translation of this text is not great but we still feel it contains important points.

Report from a visit in Kiev in April 2014

destroyed water cannon on maidan, kiev, april 2014

It seems that many perceptions of the Maidan-uprising and the internal dynamics inside and outside the Ukraine are twisted or wrong, especially concerning the aims and direction of the movement, the involvement of the left and the role and importance of the extreme right. The reaction of the left outside of Ukraine has been hectic, superficial, paranoid... to say the least. There are no strong links between the left in Ukraine and other countries (maybe except for Russia), so many left commentators relied merely on the media propaganda. This report aims to clear up misconceptions and explain what is going on.

From Kiev to Stockholm- the working class has no nation

A brief account from members of SAC about a trip to Ukraine.

Fighting back in Ukraine - Oleg Dubrovskii with Simon Pirani

pamphlet cover

This short pamphlet was put together by Simon Pirani in 1996/7 from a series of interviews with Ukrainian worker activist Oleg Dubrovskii. It’s of general interest in relation to the way that life for the workers changed when the old Soviet Union disintegrated, but also provides some useful background information to what’s happening in the Ukraine today.

U.S. fascists debate the conflict in Ukraine

The blog Three Way Fight takes a look at how American fascists are responding to the situation in Ukraine.

The crisis in Ukraine: a proletarian note - Hamid Moradei

As the crisis of the Ukrainian ruling class, split between East and West, escalates, it threatens war. The pro U.S./EU political parties took over the state power after three months of so called EuroMaidan protest actions and riots which was dominated particularly through Neo-Nazis organizations, Svoboda and Pravy Sektor. The question of war actualises the question of proletarian class line: should the proletariat as a class, separated form the ruling class, e.g. the pro U.S./EU and the pro Russian, participate in defence of " nation", "land"... The communist and internationalist answer is definetly: No!