Fighting back in Ukraine - Oleg Dubrovskii with Simon Pirani

pamphlet cover

This short pamphlet was put together by Simon Pirani in 1996/7 from a series of interviews with Ukrainian worker activist Oleg Dubrovskii. It’s of general interest in relation to the way that life for the workers changed when the old Soviet Union disintegrated, but also provides some useful background information to what’s happening in the Ukraine today.

U.S. fascists debate the conflict in Ukraine

The blog Three Way Fight takes a look at how American fascists are responding to the situation in Ukraine.

The crisis in Ukraine: a proletarian note - Hamid Moradei

As the crisis of the Ukrainian ruling class, split between East and West, escalates, it threatens war. The pro U.S./EU political parties took over the state power after three months of so called EuroMaidan protest actions and riots which was dominated particularly through Neo-Nazis organizations, Svoboda and Pravy Sektor. The question of war actualises the question of proletarian class line: should the proletariat as a class, separated form the ruling class, e.g. the pro U.S./EU and the pro Russian, participate in defence of " nation", "land"... The communist and internationalist answer is definetly: No!

Ukrainians, Russians and Europeans against Putin's war

Ukrainians, Russians and Europeans were on the streets today protesting against the Putin regime’s attack on Ukraine.

Internationalists issue declaration against war in Ukraine

Internationalists and anarchists from Russia and elsewhere have issued a declaration condemning both the Russian and Ukrainian governments, arguing that the working class in both countries should reject nationalism and fight for their own interests.

Autonomous Workers Union statement on Russian intervention

Statement on the Russian military action in Ukraine from Ukrainian revolutionary syndicalists.

Ukraine after Yanukovych: 50 shades of brown - Autonomous Workers Union

Ukrainian anarchist analysis of the situation following the overthrow of Yanukovych, pointing out that the opposition in power alongside fascist groups will not improve the lot of the working class.

Statement on the situation in Ukraine - Autonomous Workers Union

Ukrainian anarchists give their take on developments in Ukraine as the uprising continues and the death toll rockets.

Maidan and its contradictions: interview with a Ukrainian revolutionary syndicalist

A highly informative interview with a member of Autonomous Workers Union conducted by Přátelé komunizace, looking in detail at the Ukrainian protest movement Maidan movement and its context.

"The politicians had to obey the crowd": interview on the protests in Kiev

Image from Kiev, January 20, 2014

This interview with a comrade from the Autonomous Workers' Union in Kiev was done on January 28, 2014. It sheds some light on the events around the Maidan: the array of reasons behind the protests, their focus on the hated president, the differences to the "orange revolution", the role of the right, the weakness of social struggles and possible scenarios.