Edinburgh Workers stand up to council cuts

Rubbish piles up as a work to rule bites

Manual workers employed by City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) are approaching the sixth month of a dispute over the implementation of its equal pay adjustment.

Among the hardest hit by the settlement would be the refuse and street cleansing workers, some of whom face a wage cut of up to £4000-5000. In response, they have declared an overtime ban and strict adherence to the Council's health & safety manual.

Latin american workers in Unite: from heroes to pariahs

Justice for Cleaners

In September 2009, Unite evicted the Latin American Workers Association from the office space which they had been providing. LAWAS had not only been backing migrant workers agains the bosses: they had also been backing them against the union.

In September 2009 Unite the union ordered the Latin American Workers Association (LAWAS) without notice to vacate the office which it had provided the Association with in its southeast region HQ in Manor House, thus ending a five year partnership.

Bus strikes in East London

Bus drivers and engineers in East London walked out today in a 24-hour action which stopped around 750 buses and either froze or disrupted 58 routes.

The East London Bus Company employs 2,600 workers, of which all but 200 are members of the Unite Union. The union balloted its members after the company imposed a pay freeze on its staff, claiming the recession had forced their hand. The vote was in favour of strike action by 84%.

Fujitsu UK workers set to strike

Fujitsu workers strike

Union members at Fujitsu Services have voted for strike action over pensions, pay and job cuts.

The action is not yet decided. Senior Unite union reps are meeting today to decide the next move after 74 per cent of members who voted called for a walk out. Some 92 per cent agreed to industrial action short of a strike.

Wildcat strike in Hartlepool

Hundreds of workers walked out in the morning of 12 October at an offshore construction yard in a dispute over union recognition.

The Peterlee mail reported that workers want Unite to be given official recognition at the Heerema site in Greenland Road, in Hartlepool, but talks are believed to have stalled in the last few weeks.

That led to tradesmen calling a wildcat strike this morning with an estimated 200 workers standing outside the gates of the site.

Racist comments spark walkout, sit-in at chicken proccessing plant

Racist comments by security guards have led to wildcat action at Two Sisters Foods in Smethwick, UK.

Workers at a Black Country food processing firm are hailed the success of an unofficial walkout, after management sacked a security guard accused of making racist comments and agreed to come to the negotiating table.

More than 100 staff at Smethwick-based Two Sisters Foods staged a wildcat strike and police were called as their protest threatened to get out of hand.

Energy workers to ballot for strike action across Britain

Construction and maintenance staff at the giant petrochemical complex in Grangemouth are to be balloted for strike action. Members of the GMB and Unite unions will vote on the issue along with those at seven sites across the UK.

The unions said the action followed a loss of confidence in employer's body the Engineering Construction Industry Association (ECIA). Both sides are currently involved in negotiating changes to the so-called NAECI agreement.

The National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry or NAECI dictates issues including pay and conditions and the use of local labour within the industry.

Engineering construction strikes: days of defiance

It’s the dispute that just won’t go away. For the third time this year, thousands of engineering construction workers have gone on unofficial strike, fighting for the right to work. This time round the dispute escalated dramatically unlike before, with the mass sacking of some 647 strike workers by the two of contractors working for Total, the Lindsey refinery operator.

On June 11, some 1200 contractors at Lindsey walked out unofficially after a contractor gave notice of redundancies to 51 workers while another contractor on the same site was looking for 60 workers to fill vacancies. This broke the agreement that settled their earlier strike in February this year which compelled vacant work to be made available to those under threat from redundancy.

The struggle at Visteon, the union and the development of class consciousness, 2009

Joe Thorne from The Commune analyses the Ford Visteon workers occupation and dispute, the role of the union, and draws lessons for workers in the future. The article was published on 5th May 2009.

Report and reflections on the UK Ford-Visteon dispute 2009 - a post-Fordist struggle

A detailed account and analysis of the struggle of Ford-Visteon car manufacturing workers who occupied and picketed their plants after being sacked when their employers declared themselves bankrupt.

In June 2000 Ford Motor Company outsourced the production of certain component parts to a new company called Visteon - in reality a spin off company of Ford and in which Ford retained a 60% holding. Visteon runs factories all over the globe: in America, Europe and Asia, for example.