Engineering construction strikes: days of defiance

It’s the dispute that just won’t go away. For the third time this year, thousands of engineering construction workers have gone on unofficial strike, fighting for the right to work. This time round the dispute escalated dramatically unlike before, with the mass sacking of some 647 strike workers by the two of contractors working for Total, the Lindsey refinery operator.

The struggle at Visteon, the union and the development of class consciousness, 2009

Joe Thorne from The Commune analyses the Ford Visteon workers occupation and dispute, the role of the union, and draws lessons for workers in the future. The article was published on 5th May 2009.

Report and reflections on the UK Ford-Visteon dispute 2009: a post-Fordist struggle

A detailed account and analysis of the struggle of Ford-Visteon car manufacturing workers who occupied and picketed their plants after being sacked when their employers declared themselves bankrupt.

Visteon workers reject "insulting" offer

Sacked workers of car parts firm Visteon taking part in pickets and occupations against job cuts have rejected an "insulting" cash offer from bosses.

Enfield Ford Visteon occupation ends with no conclusion...

Some critical comments from a supporter on the ending of the Enfield Visteon occupation, which was recommended by the Unite union, despite there being no clear offer to the workers on the table.

Statement from Ford Visteon workers in Enfield

Statement from the North London Visteon workers, who have ended their occupation of their plant and begun to picket it from outside.

Visteon: Enfield occupation ends but the struggle continues

Visteon workers occupying their plant this week, photographed by Guido

Sacked workers occupying Visteon's Enfield plant vacated the premises following announcement of a "deal" discussed with the Unite union.

Unite union negotiates pay cut for members at Toyota

The Unite union has negotiated a 10% wage cut for its members at Toyota plants in Derby and North Wales.

Learning from experience: To win is to fight to the end

This is a short interview looking at the experience of a migrant worker who has become a labour activist, and was involved in the successful self-organised strike by the Schroders cleaners in October 2008.

Staythorpe builders walk out over jobs

A protestor cycles past the Staythorpe power station, Nottinghamshire.

Building workers on a new power station downed tools on unofficial strike early today, as wildcat action and protests over unemployment in the building trades and the lack of allocation of jobs to local workers spread south from the Lindsey refinery at Immingham.