Oklahoma and Kentucky: Tens of Thousands On Strike

Credit: Timothy D. Easley / AP

Today, tens of thousands of teachers and school staff, joined by supporting community members, parents, and students, walked off their jobs across Oklahoma and Kentucky, inspired by the historic West Virginia teacher’s strike, which saw masses of teachers across the state defy union bosses and government officials. This report first appeared on It's Going Down.

SeaSol Scores Quick Win Against Thieving Temp Agency

Early February 2018, SeaSol helped Karim defeat a wage theft attempt by temp agency LGC Hospitality. Despite initial resistance and cop-calling intimidation tactics, LGC Hospitality agreed to pay his wages and tips of $1600 within 24 hours after SeaSol and Karim delivered a demand letter at LGC’s office in Renton. The temp agency had refused to pay Karim for months, blaming him for their loss of timesheets and tip records.

The Untold Story: Queer Prison Rebels in Alabama

Anarchist prisoner Michael Kimble describes the role played by queer inmates in recent uprisings at Holman Prison, Alabama. This article first appeared on his blog, Anarchy Live!

Socialist Labor Party of America

Socialist Labor Party pamphlets

Socialist Labor Party pamphlets cover images

Mass wildcat strike by Kentucky teachers

Picket line at Kentucky middle school

Teachers in Kentucky are on wildcat strike today with at least eight school districts closing schools due to lack of teaching staff.

Left wing apologists for Farrakhan

In the mid-1980s Jesse Jackson's candidacy for the presidential nomination led many Trotskyist and Marxist-Leninist parties to support the Democratic Party. This article deals with the support for Jesse Jackson and the apologism for Louis Farrakhan that resulted from it.

The Politics of the Antiwar Movement THE QUESTION OF INTERNATIONAL A.N.S.W.E.R.

Published in Non Violent Activist, the magazine of the war resisters league, 2005. Weinberg covers some of the links between A.N.S.W.E.R. the Workers World Party, associations with Ramsey Clark and support for Slobodan Milosevic.

Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination

Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination

This history of renegade intellectuals and artists of the African diaspora throughout the twentieth century begins with the premise that the catalyst for political engagement has never been misery, poverty, or oppression. People are drawn to social movement because of hope: their dreams of a new world radically different from the one they inherited.

The Servile War - Joseph Déjacque

Article in Le Libertaire about the Harpers Ferry uprising by a group of abolitionists lead by John Brown

Where’s the Winter Palace? On the Marxist-Leninist Trend in the United States

Published by The Left Wind, March 2nd 2018, this is a critical summary of Marxist Leninism in the contemporary US.