A people's history of the United States - Howard Zinn

The full text of Howard Zinn's superb people's history of the United States, spanning over 500 years from Columbus's "discovery" of America in 1492 to the Clinton presidency in 1996.

GI resistance in the Vietnam war

Rebel soldiers in Vietnam

History of the widespread mutiny of US troops in Vietnam that brought the world's most powerful military machine to its knees. The GI anti-war movement within the army was one of the decisive factors in ending the war.

2001: The JeffBoat workers wildcat strike

McGuckin, Henry - Memoirs of a Wobbly

An important contribution to the history of the Industrial Workers of the World. A superb account by a rank'n'file Wobbly organiser; on the road, on the job, on strike, in jail, on the run, coast to coast...

A proletarian critique of the Nation of Islam - Melancholic Troglodytes

This is a proletarian critique of the U.S. based Nation of Islam (NOI). With anything between 20,000 and 100,000 members and capable of engineering massive reactionary mobilizations, the Nation represents a significant counter-revolutionary force. The pamphlet looks at NOI's history and evolution, the way it exploits its membership and its promotion of anti-working class, sexist, homophobic and racist ideology. Melancholic Troglodytes hope this text will encourage further analysis of NOI, religion and race from a class perspective.

Bookchin remembered

Iain Mackay on the huge and enduring influence that was Murray Bookchin (1921-2006)

The impotence of the revolutionary group - Sam Moss

Article arguing that the day of the revolutionary party is over, and that "revolutionary" groups exist today, as long as they are powerless, which is evidenced by the fact they are allowed to exist, because they are powerless. From International Council Correspondence.