The impotence of the revolutionary group - Sam Moss

Article arguing that the day of the revolutionary party is over, and that "revolutionary" groups exist today, as long as they are powerless, which is evidenced by the fact they are allowed to exist, because they are powerless. From International Council Correspondence.

The great "bootleg" coal industry - Louis Adamic

A fascinating look at an alternative 'economic strategy' in US mining communities during the 1930s Depression.

A migrant worker joins the Wobblies - Henry Pfaff

Henry Pfaff tells his story of how we came to join the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) in the 1910s.

The Occupation of Art and Gentrification

How an artistic presence was used to aid the gentrification of 1980s New York City.

US: Shattuck Cinema workers are going union

Landmark Shattuck Cinema workers are fed up. Years of bad hours, poor pay, a hostile work environment and the demoralsing treatment from theatre management has led the Cinema workers of Berkeley, CA, to push for a union; for the One Big Union of the Industrial Workers of the World.

Mayday - call for US general strike in defence of immigrants

The organisers of one of the largest national demonstrations the US has ever seen have called for a Mayday general strike.

NYC transit union fined and leader jailed

The New York trade union whose workers brought the city's public transport system to a halt last December has been fined $2.5m by the State Supreme Court for the illegal strike.

Strike wave hits US universities

Janitors at the University of Miami have been on hunger strike for more than two weeks, and were joined by seven students from the university last Monday.

Paul Avrich obituary - Stuart Christie

Obituary of Russian-American anarchist historian Paul Avrich by Stuart Christie from The Guardian, Monday April 10, 2006.

France: Protests take international turn

As the protests agains the First Employment Contract (CPE) continue in France, young workers and students across the world have begun to show support for the French movement or take similar action themselves.