The Demise Of Love & Rage: What Happened? - NEFAC

An account of the development and dissolution of the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation by WEB from NEFAC's Open City Collective.

Post mortem on the San Francisco fare strike, 2005 - Tom Wetzel

Tom Wetzel analyses the fare strike of San Francisco public transport riders in 2005. He examines what ways of organising can be used to win struggles and form the basis of a new society.

Notes for a discussion on the regeneration of the American labor movement

Sam Dolgoff's notes, analysis and suggestions for re-building a fighting working class movement in the US in the 1970s. Extracted from a larger text, The American labour movement: a new beginning.

IWW warehouse workers branch sacked

Members of the Industrial Workers of the World, organises at New York warehouses were sacked over the festive period, in retaliation for their successful unionising drive.

Unfriendly skies - The air traffic controllers' sick-out, 1969

Short article about the 1969 mass calling-in sick strike of air traffic controllers in the US over wages and conditions, and the new union of the workers, the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization.

The 2005 Northwest Airlines strike

A short history, account and analysis of the 2005 strike of mechanics and cleaners at Northwest Airlines against cuts in jobs, wages and benefits, and the lessons it holds for workers in future.

Goodyear strikers offered new contract

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. and the union representing about 12,600 union workers in the United States tentatively agreed Friday to a new contract that would end an 11-week strike over health care benefits and Goodyear's plan to close a tire factory in Texas (previously covered on here).

The Wheatland hop riot - Sam Lowry

IWW banner

A brief history of the riot that occured at Wheatland in Northern California after a meeting of farm labourers of the radical union the IWW was broken up by police.

Houston janitors reach deal to end strike

Strike banner

Houston janitors ended a month long strike today against the city's five major cleaning companies after reaching a tentative agreement that will guarantee higher wages, more work hours and medical benefits.