Miscellaneous articles by Lucy Parsons

Lucy Parson's speech to the IWW in 1905

On September 11 and "Against the Double Tragedy"

Chris Wright on the September 11 attacks and the statement "Against the Double Tragedy" put out by News and Letters.

Harass the brass: some notes toward the subversion of the US armed forces

With updates in 2001, this article outlines the story of the widespread resistance and near-mutiny within the US Army, Navy and Air Force during the Vietnam War. This resistance was a major factor in the eventual withdrawal of US troops.

The olive drab rebels: military organising during the Vietnam era - Matthew Rinaldi

1971 Armed Forces Day demonstration, Texas

This article is a detailed account of soldiers' and sailors' resistance to the Vietnam War in the 1960s and 1970s.

1946: The Oakland general strike - Stan Weir

Public meeting at the fountain in Latham Square

An account by Stan Weir of the gen strike in Oakland, California, in 1946.

Ford times time on the loo

This article from the Detroit news shows petty measures introduced by Ford managers recently to raise productivity. The memo about toilet time is included below.

An open letter to rank and file labor activists

An open letter by the IMPACT group in Ohio, USA, to rank-and-file workers. The letter cointains short accounts of sell-outs and closed-door deals done by union leaders, as well as suggestions for grassroots activity.