Worker sabotage in a Honolulu pineapple factory

Everyday sabotage and work-reduction in a Hawaii pineapple plant, by Lance, a pineapple packer.

Employee sabotage in the stock market

Sabotage in the stock exchange - PJK, a Wall Street broker, recollects...

Employee sabotage in a New Jersey university

Adam, a university maintenance worker recounts some small-scale collective sabotage and unofficial pay increase.

Living in an election year: A cartoon manifesto

A comic made in the run-up to the 2004 US election, where the two candidates - Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Al Gore - stood for pretty much exactly the same policies. Instead of voting, the comic calls on workers to organise together and fight for our own interests.

Worker resistance at a liquor company

An account of resistance at a closing-down alcoholic drinks company by Roy, a shipping clerk.

Direct action at an electronics factory

A brief account of workers' co-operation and workload-reduction at an electronic transformer factory by Jay, a coil winder .

A bank tellers' sabotage

A brief account of sabotage by bank staff, by Jason, a (former) bank teller.

An account of car factory sabotage

A brief account of sabotage at a car manufacturers in Detroit by Eugene, a carburator assembler.

Self-organisation and action in the US post office

A US bulk mail centre

An account of sabotage, solidarity and wildcat strikes at a large postal sorting office in the US by Judi, a mail handler.

NYC transport workers fighting cuts fined

A judge has imposed a $1m (£570,000) per day fine on New York's main transport union for a strike that has brought city transport to a standstill.