Organized labor versus "the revolt against work" - John Zerzan

UAW sit-down strike in Flint, 1937

Article examining the role of unions in the exploitation of workers, focussing in particular on the US car manufacturing industry from the 1930s to 1970s.

Two Local Chapters in the Spectacle of Decomposition - Chris Shutes

Situationist-influenced reflections and critique on; the Jonestown cult massacre, conspiracy theory, black leftist ideology, San Francisco in the late 1970s, disco, the Harvey Milk murder and gay culture etc...

Ellen DeGeneres - Writers strike scab

Ellen: Prize scab

"Comedian" Ellen DeGeneres has become the Hollywood writers' strike's first celebrity scab.

Anti-war statement from Antithesis (NYC-NEFAC)

Leaflet against the Iraq war written by the Antithesis collective (NYC-NEFAC) and distributed at an anti-war rally in New York City on October 27th.

The Thibodaux massacre, 1887

Louisiana cane cutters circa 1880

One of the most interesting, and probably least known events in Louisiana history is the Thibodaux Massacre of 1887, the second most bloody labor dispute in U.S. history.

St. Louis bus wildcat to end

School bus

Two days into a wildcat walkout against the union they claim has misrepresented their interests, the drivers and monitors serving the St. Louis Public Schools have announced that they will return to their bus routes this morning.

Mollie Steimer, 1897-1980 - Paul Avrich

Mollie Steimer

The life of Mollie Steimer, a Jewish anarchist in New York who opposed the First World War, and later lived in exile in France and Mexico.

US Green Corn rebellion, 1917

In 1917, the Working Class Union reacted to the imposition of military conscription with an ill-fated but heroic armed rebellion that stands with the agitational campaigns of working class anarchists as a revolutionary response to US entry into World War One.

1919: US steel strike

While defeated by overwhelming police repression against pickets and union halls, the 1919 strike is significant in the history of organized class struggle in basic manufacturing and the high point of William Z. Foster's "bore from within" approach to syndicalism.

USA: Auto-workers on nationwide strike at General Motors

General Motors worker on strike, Parma, Ohio

Thousands of United Auto Workers walked off the job at General Motors Corp. plants around the country Monday in the first nationwide strike against GM since 1970.