Union calls off truck plant wildcat strike

Cleveland Freightliner plant

With layoffs imminent, truck manufacturing workers in North Carolina walked out until union officials called off the action.

The Skylab 4 mutiny, 1973

Skylab 4

A brief account of the 24-hour mutiny during the Skylab 4 mission in 1973/4 triggered by the astronauts' complaints of excessive workloads.

The decline of African-Americans in unions and manufacturing, 1979-2006

Article about the diminishing numbers of African-American workers in trade unions, which is dropping faster than the general decline in unionisation in the US.

West Virginia: 300 teachers call in sick in pay dispute

Morgontown High School

As strikes are illegal, hundreds of school workers in Monongalia County went on sick-out on Tuesday giving school children the day off as all state schools were forced to shut.

US labor law reform moves forward in Congress


The main labor law reform being pushed currently by the unions in the USA has just been approved by a vote of the US House of Representatives but Bush threatens to veto it.

TV bosses bank scripts due to writers strike threat

TV studio execs in the US might try to nip the potential threat of a writers strike by tucking away scripts or even shooting extra episodes of hit dramas and sitcoms.

Thomas Hastie Bell 1867-1942

Tom Bell in 1888

A short biography of leading Scottish anarchist Tom Bell, a marine engineer and propagandist who travelled the world, finally settling in the US.

Organizing for class struggle at UPS - Uprise!

An article by Nicolas Phebus of the Collectif Anarchiste La Nuit (NEFAC-Quebec City) about the revolutionary workplace group Uprise! at delivery firm UPS while it was still active in 2002.

Direct action victory on health and safety at Starbucks, 2006

Making work safer through direct action - Daniel Gross and Joe Tessone recount the actions of workers winning a small but significant victory on health and safety at a Chicago Starbucks outlet in 2006.

The Demise Of Love & Rage: What Happened? - NEFAC

An account of the development and dissolution of the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation by WEB from NEFAC's Open City Collective.