Unity & Struggle

Incarcerated Workers Take the Lead: Prison Struggles in the United States 2008-2016

Incarcerated Workers Take the Lead cover

In the last eight years we have seen a multitude of struggles: from hunger strikes to riots, from work stoppages in individual units to mass strikes across several prisons, from hostile gangs forming truces and challenging racial divisions to immigrant mothers (incarcerated with their children) refusing their meals and duties. Published by Houston Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee and Unity & Struggle.

Book Review: Lines of Work

A review by JF of Recomposition's Lines of work: stories of jobs and resistance, which compares and contrasts the book with the last two journals from Endnotes.

American labor: new beginning

The U.S based group, Unity & Struggle's first political document from 2009, analyzing the situation as they see it.

The rise of the fast food worker

An article from US-based group, Unity & Struggle, on the prevalence of fast food work in the American economy.

Thrown off balance: workers struggles against equilibrium

A response to a debate on unions in the United States today started between a number of groups and individuals including Unity & Struggle and Advance the Struggle. This piece attempts to argue against militant reformism growing in the union movements towards a politic of ruptures and revolutionary workplace organizing drawing from the concept of equilibrium.

Finding Our footing on the union question

A piece by HiFi and Mazen of Unity and Struggle on the union debate.

Jocelyn and James Respond

Jocelyn and James respond to Nate Hawthorne and others in response to their piece, 'Our friends with benefits'.

Mara Responds to Jocelyn and James

A response by Mara of Advance the Struggle to Jocelyn Cohn of Unity and Struggle and James Frey