University of California

A call to the future from in and around Occupied Wheeler

A description of the events that occurred at the November 20, 2009 occupation at UC Berkeley.

Carter-Huggins Hall: Occupation Statement and Post-Occupation Statement

Two communiques about a Fall 2009 occupation at UCLA.

The beatings will continue - Research and Destroy

A short piece on the response of police to the wave of occupations at the University of California in Fall 2009.

Occupy California

Electro Communist dance party

A communique from the Fall 2009 occupation at UC Santa Cruz.

Anti-Capital Projects: questions & answers

A text explaining why the use of occupations to fight austerity at the University of California in 2009.

Communiqué from Occupied Crush Culture Center

Communique from an occupation at the University of California-Davis.

Communiqué for a radical occupation

A communique from some communists at University of California-Davis

After the Fall: communiqués from occupied California

Collecting the major statements from the 2009/10 waves of university occupations, After the Fall is a love letter to the insurgent students and workers on California campuses and was used to build for the March 4 strike attempt.

Crisis and consciousness: Reflections and lessons from March 4th

Advance the Struggle analyse the attempts at a strike on March 4, 2010 against cuts in education in California.

Painting the glass house black - education struggles in California

Faced with outrageous tuition-fee hikes resulting from the financialisation of universities, California's students are agitating for the first time in years. But is there more to these mobilisations than the limited fight for a decent and 'affordable' education, asks Evan Calder Williams.