US intervention

Lebanon, Iran and the ‘Long War’ in the ‘Wider Middle East’

Hardliner: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Aufheben analyse the long-term geopolitical aims of the US in the Middle East, following the election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as President of Iran in July 2005.

Mutinies - Treason

Vietnam veterans demonstrate against the war, circa 1970

PDF pamphlet from 2003 with articles on mutinies in Vietnam and Yugoslavia.

1904-2003: History of Iraq

A short history of Iraq, focusing on foreign intervention, imperialism and attempts by Western powers to control oil and other resources in the country and the rest of the Middle East.

Iraqi mass mutiny in the Gulf War, 1990-1991

Thousands of deserting soldiers and civilians massacred by the US on the Basra r

History of the widespread desertion and mutiny in the Iraqi military which saw the rapid end of the occupation of Kuwait and the Gulf War of 1990-1 with the US and its allies.

1989-today: The War on Drugs

Noam Chomsky on the 'war' on drugs that Western governments have been allegedly pursuing since 1989. In reality, their response to the drug trade has depended very much on who is doing it...

The US invasion of Grenada, 1983 - Howard Zinn

US troops in Grenada, 1983

Historian Howard Zinn's account of the American invasion of the small Caribbean island of Grenada, ostensibly to 'protect' US citizens, but in fact to re-assert US military and financial dominance over the region.

The Mayaguez affair, 1975 - Howard Zinn

US troops invade

Historian Howard Zinn's account of the brief but disatrous invasion of a Cambodian island by a small US force which suffered massive casualties. It was in response to Cambodia holding the crew of an American cargo ship, with the intention of re-asserting US military dominance in the wake of its defeat in Vietnam.

1948-1991: US intervention and war in South East Asia

Noam Chomsky's very brief account of US military, economic and "diplomatic" action in Indochina in the last half of the 20th century.

A short history of Vietnam, 1945-1957 - Howard Zinn

Vietminh forces

Howard Zinn's brief history of Vietnam from the defeat of Japan in 1945 through the installation of the US puppet government in Saigon to the beginning of the Vietnam War.

1957-1975: The Vietnam War

Howard Zinn's short history of the war in Vietnam from the beginning of the Communist insurgency in 1957 until the defeat of US and South Vietnamese forces in 1975.